What you shouldn’t do when decorating

Did you ever go to someone’s house and run out almost immediately because their apartment scared you to death, and you’re traumatized till this day? That probably wouldn’t happen if they knew which mistakes not to make when you are decorating your apartment.

It’s very easy to make them, especially if you go to sites like Retrodesigns, where everything literally screams ‘buy me’. However, to help you, below you will find a list of things that you should never do so that people visiting you will not only not get scarred but will also want to come back to your place.

Choose Trend Over Timelessness

While decorating your apartment, you shouldn’t focus on the trends, because they are not stable – they come and go. What is trendy today might be considered as trashy in a year or two. That’s why the best idea would be to choose pieces of furniture, designs and accessories that would stand the test of time.

Use The Same Pattern For The Whole Apartment

It’s okay if you want some things in your apartment to match but always remember about the balance. Especially when it comes to patterns, it’s very easy to make the whole place tacky by using one pattern on everything. The best way to avoid it is to choose one pattern and one or two colours that would match it so that the pattern itself adds character to the interior.

Paint the Walls First

Paints are available in every store that has building materials, and you can probably find every colour you can imagine. That’s why it’s better to choose things like furniture or carpeting first – it’s easier to find a colour that matches the furniture than the furniture that will match the colour of the wall. Mainly because they are restricted in colour.

Not Think About the Colours

Surprisingly, choosing the right colours can affect our mind and emotions. That’s why you should think carefully think about which one to choose. A good idea would be to familiarize yourself with the colour psychology.

If you want to decorate the space with your favourite colour, remember not to make it the main one. It will only result in its disappearance, among others. To make it stand out more, and highlight it, you should choose it as an accent colour – in that way it will pop out.

Another good idea when it comes to colours is to not decide immediately in the store, but think about it. Often you can get free samples of different paints that you can take home and see which colour would fit the best. Also, don’t paint the walls before testing the colour first – sometimes it can differ from what is shown on a can, and then you’ll have a problem.

Have Everything On Display

If you have too many personal items on display in your apartment, it can make the whole place seem very messy and can ruin the entire decor and atmosphere of the house. Choose only the essential objects or things that you use every day to have easy access to them. Everything else should be hidden in drawers or wardrobe.

Keep Things You Don’t Like

Now you will read something that will probably blow your mind – just because you obtained something from someone, it doesn’t mean that you have to keep it. Even if you realize that some of those things remind you of something terrible, are ugly or impractical – you will not throw it away, just because you feel that you can’t. Don’t overthink it – just get rid of it, you’ll feel better for sure.

Ignore The Entrance

The entrance is more important than some people might realize and to ignore it is actually one of the worst things you can while decorating your apartment or house. The entrance is the first thing that guests see, and it helps them in creating the first impression of the whole apartment. You should take care of it in the same way you care for the rest of the house – make it unique.

You wouldn’t want to enter a place in which the entrance looks like the owner doesn’t care, would you?

Choose Form Over Function

While decorating an apartment, it’s crucial to not only think about how the furniture will look like but also if it will be functional. For example, don’t buy chairs for the dining room that are pretty, but at the same time very uncomfortable. Form matters, but functionality is matters more.


When you are decorating your apartment, it’s equally important to know what you should do as to know what you shouldn’t do. The mistakes listed below are just a few of those that you can easily make, so do your research. Avoiding them is easier than it seems.

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