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Pros of Using Artificial Grass in Your Garden

Probably for most of us, our early childhood consisted of drawing our dream houses. It doesn’t matter what size, shape, how many windows and animals there were in the drawings. I bet all our drawings had at least one thing in common — a garden.

Possibly a beautiful garden with flowers and a tree or two. I don’t know about you but I used to picture myself with my future children and pets running around and laying down on the soft green lawn looking into the sky. And that’s it. That was my ultimate projection of happiness.

Now, decades later, after acquiring my own cosy dream house with a small garden, I’ve gotten to experience what a great responsibility it is to maintain this green space. Having an overactive son that simply is teleporting from one place to another, and two crazy dogs trying to keep up with him didn’t seem to be helping very much. Until I found the golden balance between enjoying nature in my backyard and keeping the garden neat easily — false grass.

The Green Safety

My first concern was if the artificial lawn will be fully safe for my kid and pets. You have no idea how many times I caught my son trying to eat grass with the dogs… You never know what your little ones will come up with.

Although getting a good quality fake lawn clarified my doubts. It’s really solid — even the dogs aren’t able to dig the grass up. And what’s more important — you can find a 100% non-toxic fake grass on the market. So even your unpredictable gang will manage to take out a piece of the lawn and try to eat it (ah, the sweet life of a parent!), it won’t be hazardous for their lives or health.

Spring All Year Long

It really is a huge comfort having a green garden all year long, regardless of the time of the year. False grass is fully weather-resistant so you won’t have to worry about dried-out, yellow spots or soggy-boggy turf. Such a lawn doesn’t need any extra care, which saves you a lot of your precious time and energy. And that brings us to another point…

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Keep It Clean Easily

I know what you’re thinking. Two dogs and a backyard — you can’t avoid the situation when the animal thinks of your green space as a perfect toilet. No worries, though! Surprisingly, artificial grass is better in such alert situations.

Look for a turf with anti-odour properties. If things get ugly in your home paradise, just clean the accident up with antibacterial soap. Trust me, that’ll be perfectly enough. No unpleasant smells left! You can have a safe picnic in your backyard right away again.

Allergy-free Environment

Happily, my kid has no inhaled allergies (to grass, dust or pollen) but I’m aware that more and more kids and adults are having this kind of problem. Living in big cities where the air is highly polluted is probably one of the reasons for the allergy epidemic.

Creating a safe space for your pollen-sensitive family members can be quite a challenge. At this point, you could consider doing a garden makeover and try out a safer solution in the form of an artificial lawn and maybe even decorative plants. With a bit of careful planning and comparing different garden designs, you can really create a tasteful, cosy area outside your house.

False Grasse and the Value of Your Property

Yes, there is a distinct connection between them! As I mentioned above, artificial turf is unbelievably easy in maintenance. Your backyard will look stunning no matter what and won’t require refreshing every single week or even month.

A tidy, pleasing to the eye garden is the first thing you can see when you come to a whole new place with your real estate agent. Someday you might want to move out and sell your house. A beautiful garden will not only draw possible buyer’s attention but also increase your property’s financial value!

Fake, decorative plants don’t have a good reputation. We often find them cheap and kitschy. It’s time to debunk the stereotype and give them another chance! There are professional companies that really know what they’re doing. Time flies, new trends come, creative thinking is developing dynamically.

If you’re still a bit afraid of replacing our lawn for an artificial one on your own, consult an exterior designer or think of something with the help of a chosen fake grass company’s customer service.

Get yourself more time for relaxing in your garden!

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