What Is Contemporary Fashion?

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Contemporary is a word many fashion brands mention with their new collections but what does it mean? Contemporary means living or occurring at the same time. It means that it is happening now as well as many years before. 

What Is Contemporary Fashion? 

Contemporary fashion is a clothing style that is happening now but happened before. Fashion brands are looking to choose styles that are evergreen and still stand out. A good example would be Fear Of God Essentials. With these particular styles, they would usually focus on sustainability, durability and comfort. Achieving all three of these characteristics would increase the price of the average garment.

That may seem confusing to the average consumer but makes sense to many brands out there. If you aim to keep your outfits simple then-contemporary fashion is for you as it isn’t anything out there. 

Who Are The Fashion Designers You Should Be Looking Out For? 

One of the first contemporary fashion designers that you may know is Alexander Wang. He is a fashion designer from the United States that launched his fashion brand in 2005. Furthermore, Wang started his fashion design interest at the age of 15, when he attended a summer designer program at Central Saint Martins in San Francisco. 

His career took off when he started his fashion brand in 2005 however, it took off in 2012 when he became the creative director at Balenciaga. He then debuted his first collection in fall-winter in 2013 at the Balenciaga salons in Paris. 

Other fashion designers include Phillip Lim, Nicolas Ghesquiere, Jonathan Anderson and many more. 

The Past, Present and Future

The thing with contemporary fashion is that it is the past, present and future. These clothing items are a must-have in your wardrobe if you wish to be more sustainable. It is a combination of old fashion trends with modern fashion trends. It could be fashion trends for the 90s, 80s, 60s, and many more.

It can be confusing but all you need to know is that it is fashion trends that are everlasting. Many people think contemporary fashion is expensive but that isn’t all true. We mentioned three things before which were sustainability, durability and comfort. That is when those clothing items would be more expensive. 

Now that you have a better understanding of contemporary fashion, there are many contemporary fashion trends you should follow. 


The first fashion trend we will look at with contemporary fashion is shoes. Sneakers are a common choice that every man should own. In all honesty, it is a style of footwear that women can pull off as well. The reseller market is thriving due to contemporary fashion and because of those sneaker sellers. Additionally, you can look at fashion brands that focus on a particular niche such as heels, leather boots and many others. 

Some contemporary fashion brands will choose daring styles that stand out from the rest. Other shoe brands will design footwear that is easier on the eye. The competition for these fashion brands is endless, making it easy to find a style of footwear that anyone can wear. 

Leather Clothes

Leather clothing is a style for both males and females however if you cannot pull it off then don’t wear it. It is a style that isn’t for everyone so ensure you look good with it before wearing it in public. 

You can add your own design to your leather jacket if you want to express your fashion power. And Custom PVC Patches will be a popular and unique option for you to decorate your leather jacket. You can iron it on clothing. You can also show your personality by wearing patches of graphics you created yourself or patches with your favorite theme.

High-end fashion brands have helped leather clothing return to its best. They have considered quality, comfort and style with their leather clothes which is why they are making a return. Furthermore, they have considered sustainability with vegan leather. 


Comfort is essential for modern fashion which is something fashion brands neglect in today’s era. Nonetheless, there are fashion brands that still respect people’s comfort. 

Even working environments have started allowing a more casual style to their outfits. Moreover, ensure you are achieving both style and comfort. Fashion brands are moving away from ridiculous fashion trends and aim more for a more contemporary style that is comfortable to wear. If you are struggling for a contemporary style during the winter months, consider a jacket with an oversized men’s hoodie and a pair of denim jeans. Complete the look with a casual pair of footwear or brogue boots. This contemporary style offers another look to fashion which is what makes it even better. 

Or you can add a custom patch to your jacket or jeans for added flair. Overlaying decorative effects can add to its style without compromising its comfort, and it’s also a great way to make a modern statement.

To Conclude

Fashion is something that comes down to your taste. Nonetheless, contemporary clothing is thriving and is a style everybody can wear. It can be expensive but it can also be affordable so you have to shop around for the right brands. 

Contemporary fashion is something that many fashion brands claim to be but they are not. Hopefully, this guide will help you notice which fashion brands follow the contemporary style and help you style your future outfits. 

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