Monica Whitlock Releases Debut 5 Track EP

Promise Me You’ll Stay Long Enough to Hear This Now Available On All Streaming Services

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Singer-songwriter Monica Whitlock has released her debut EP Promise Me You’ll Stay Long Enough to Hear This. Whitlock proves herself as a strong voice who isn’t afraid to sing about difficult topics through powerful hooks and vulnerable lyrics. 

The project serves as a letter to Whitlock’s inner child. After enduring various traumas resulting in a suicide attempt, Whitlock, now 25, is able to reflect back on child she once was and empathize with her. “I can hold her hand and show her that she survived. There’s so much more to this than she knows,” says Whitlock.

The E.P. features 5 new songs from Whitlock, including “Parchment Paper,” “Anymore,” “Marilyn Monroe,” “Jack+Rose,” and “March 1997.”

The E.P. is full of Whitlock’s emotional vocals with soft instrumentals to accompany the subtle vulnerabilities of her musical journey. It features music and lyrics by Monica Whitlock, was produced by Shannon McArthur and was licensed by Fueled By Passion. It is currently available on all streaming services

About Monica Whitlock

The 25 year old BIPOC singer-songwriter, raised in Boston MA, now continues to grow within the Americana music scene of Nashville TN. Most recently, opening for the sold out EmoNite among other successful and lively shows across the country. Whitlock had sold out her custom Vinyl session with Leevestall Studios in NY. Owning a proud 250+ song catalog, Whitlock focuses her music on the journey of self discovery and healing.

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