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Did crepey skin get you down? You are not alone. Paper-like skin, puckered skin, and loose skin have a number of different causes, but we guarantee one thing, time is not on our side! It’s true that it’s a common side effect of aging, but it doesn’t mean that it’s beyond our control. There are multiple options for tackling crepey skin, both in and out of the dermatologist’s office.

What is Crepey Skin

Crepey skin is exactly what it sounds like. It is a thin, fragile, and paper-like skin that often appears around the eyes, inner upper arms, legs as well as décolletage. It usually happens in the 40s, however, it will also strike as early as our 20s. It also heavily depends upon your skin type, genetic makeup, and various other external factors that lead to the crepey skin condition.

Wrinkles and folds usually take up a small area, however, crepey skin usually covers a large area and is further emphasized by repeated moments that create some lines such as frown lines or smile lines, etc.

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What Causes Crepey Skin

In general terms, crepey skin occurs due to collagen depletion as we get older. Loss of collagen is pretty normal as age, but how fast and rapidly it happens totally depends on your daily behavior and lifestyle choices.

For instance, if you have sensitive and fair skin, excessive sun exposure can most likely damage your skin. Drinking and smoking can also destroy your skin by reducing the amount of elastin and collagen in your skin, it is the protein that keeps your skin smooth and taut.

Let’s discuss a few of the main causes that lead to crepey skin on the hands and affect your overall skincare.

Moisture loss

The loss of moisture in any skin is pretty sudden and usually occurs due to age, a major fat loss, in older people contributes to creepiness as aging can never bounce back once it kicks in.

Having a fair complexion

Having a fair complexion means a lack of melanin in the skin, those with fair skin are more prone to the susceptible to sun damage. As elastin and collagen in the skin becomes more damaged, the creepiness starts to kick in.

Lack of sleep

Research shows that lack of sleep can usually lead to more wrinkles, fine lines, and droopy corners of the mouth. So it won’t be a surprise if you are still young, not sleeping and wrinkles start to kicks in.

Losing or gaining a lot of weight, especially quickly

Any rapid weight changes, whether losing or gaining can cause the skin to sag and make crepey skin more apparent.

A deficient diet

As any saying goes, beauty surely comes from inside out. Studies have shown that any diet that lacks sufficient vitamins, probiotics, and nutrients, essentially any fatty acids, as well as calories, are enough to accelerate the aging process.


Aging is truly a combination of extrinsic that is lifestyle and sun exposure as well as intrinsic chronological issue. Some crepey skin conditions are pre-determined due to genetics, as it plays a major role in the overall skin condition. Other areas, however, cannot be forecasted earlier.


Every cigarette contains more than 4,000 chemicals that will damage collagen and elastin. The nicotine in the cigarettes will cause the blood vessels to constrict in the skin’s outer layers, which impairs the overall blood flow. Decreased blood flow will eventually mean that your skin is not getting enough vitals or oxygen. Studies show that the worn skin of any 40-year old heavy smoker is just as same as any non-smoking 70-year old.


There is a specific reason why you have seen an increase in the rise of products formulated to ward off pollutants. Outdoor pollution has been grown by a total of 8% since 2018, and the skincare market didn’t step back from taking an action. These skin issues are increasing due to pollution, as pollutants like metal ions, smoke, radiation, and even the basic household cleaning supplies can generate the free radicals that ransack electrons from healthy cells, which expedites the aging process.


Crepey skin can appear can anywhere on the face or body, but you can always seek out crepey skin remedies to avoid these before age. There are dermatological treatments as well such as lasers to face and body creams to home remedies as well. However, it’s okay to have realistic expectations as aging is not something you can control or deny. One of the leading causes will always be ultraviolet radiation from the sun exposure or a tanning bed, it usually begins at the 40s, however, do your best to look out for the causes mentioned above and dodge through the time, starting as of now.


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