Essential Equipment for All Hobby Farms

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Overseeing a hobby farm is very different from managing your typical business-oriented farm. Hobby farms should be a source of leisure and fun for those sustaining them. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be meticulous with how you take care of that patch of land. This guide to some of the essential equipment for all hobby farms will help you acquire the right tools for taking care of your property.


If you need to transport large quantities of livestock, you can’t exactly strap it all onto your back. Instead, invest in a sturdy trailer for the job. Finding a trailer that hitches onto your pickup truck is essential because it gives you a far more productive way to transport large loads of crops, produce, and other common products you’ll grow on a hobby farm.

If you’re transporting smaller loads of smaller materials like seeds, consider a handcart to help you get the job done. Although your choice between cart and trailer ultimately depends on what you need for your specific farm, having both options on your property is usually the right move for maximizing flexibility and efficiency.

Lawn Mower

Although hobby farms are recreational, lawn upkeep is still a necessary task. To trim the grass around a hobby farm, you need a high-quality lawn mower by your side.

Before you grab the average household lawn mower for the job, take your land into consideration. While these mowers work well for small patches of land like a suburban yard, most hobby farmers will need specialized mowers for the job.

For instance, rough-cut mowers are an effective means of cutting through acres and acres of farmland. If you’re using an ill-equipped mower to trim land that really requires the assistance of a rough-cut mower, cutting through the grass will be far more inefficient and stressful.


Not only is the right mower one of the essential equipment for all hobby farms, but you’ll also need the right tractor to pull it. To mow through acres of land swiftly and comfortably, you’ll need a mower compatible with your type of tractor.

Tractors are mostly for those big mowing jobs, whereas ATVs or UTVs work better for small-scale lawn care tasks. Both ATVs and UTVs are also effective to travel around the property, though typically, hobby farms are smaller than many business-oriented farms.

Rough-cut mowers come in walk-behind or tow-behind options. If you need a tow-behind mower, double-check with your vendor to ensure you’re choosing the right one for your farming needs.

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