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Attention is hard to come by in this fast-paced, digital age. Customers are bombarded with advertisement after advertisement, day in and day out. It’s no wonder they deliberately tune out most marketing attempts. But if consumers continuously block out your ads and other marketing materials, how do you encourage them to remember and purchase from your brand?

If you want consumers to remember your brand by both logo and name, you need to make the content you put out—on social media, television, and print—unique and captivating. Here are some simple ways to get people to remember your brand by constructing cool and compelling content.

Be Active

Let’s pretend you just put out a stupendous piece of content. People are drawn to it like ants to a plentiful picnic. Your business’s sales skyrocket, and people are talking about your brand all over social media. Great! You made it.

…And then you never put out another piece of content again, assuming that one blockbuster hit is enough to last your brand a lifetime. Slowly but surely, your brand disappears off the radar, much to your chagrin and confusion. What went wrong?

To keep your brand fresh in consumers’ minds, you need to keep on churning out content, especially on social media. In fact, most businesses should post 1–5 posts per day on each social media platform. If you have LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, that amounts to roughly 4–20 posts a day!

Be Visual

Humans have the propensity to read, but our ability to do so isn’t intrinsic. It’s a skill we learned along the way, not one we were born with. Something humans are born with, however, is the ability to process visual cues.

The next way to get people to remember your brand is to be visual. Visual cues are much easier for people to understand than written ones. They’re also much more stimulating. If the content you’re putting out for your brand consists of long blocks of text and nothing else, consider breaking those blocks up with a few simple and interesting images. These images will make your content much easier for consumers to digest and remember.

Be Emotional

No, that doesn’t mean the person in charge of your social media should be sobbing about their latest breakup on the corporate Facebook account. What it means is that they shouldn’t act like a robot when interacting with consumers.

Brands aren’t people, but people often attribute human-like qualities to brands. And when people see a brand as “human” or “relatable,” they’re more likely to engage with the content it puts out and purchase from it. That means you need to give your brand a personality. Is it lively and fun-loving? Or is it professional and serious?

Whatever you choose, your brand’s personality should appeal to your customer base and make them feel like they’re interacting with a buddy instead of a soulless corporation.

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