Vintage Bathroom Ideas that Never Go Out of Style

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There is something serene about vintage bathrooms that may come from their nature to celebrate a person without the technological influences of the modern world. Their style is cozy and sophisticated, chic and welcoming or simply inviting and perfect to relax after a hard day’s work. Because of their romantic and nostalgic character, vintage bathroom ideas never go out of style and seem to be timeless. And, if you want to recreate this elegance in your own bathroom, here are some design tips for this everlasting décor.

Get a claw-foot tub

Standalone tubs are very popular in modern bathrooms due to their deep basin and visually classic silhouette. But a claw-foot tub is the centerpiece of a vintage bathroom bursting from elegance and stylishness even when standing completely alone with nothing but fixtures. From black to pearly white, this bathtub will add a modest note of luxury and grace to your vintage bathroom and

Add furniture to your bathroom

Furniture may be an unusual feature in the bathroom, but it was very trendy during the Victorian era. An upholstered bench or an antique lounge chair will look stylish and sophisticated when paired with a claw-foot tub and octagonal top-class stone tiles. Also, a dressing table will be a perfect way to create a chic and classy spot just for yourself and, at the same time, leave a striking impression on your vintage design.

Be creative with a sink basin

There are various models of sink basins that will accentuate the vintage bathroom ideas and add stylishness to the décor. A pedestal sink has clean lines and a simple design which won’t take a lot of space so it’s ideal for small bathrooms. On the other hand, a console sink is perched on two legs and will go perfectly with rustic-style tiles because of its curvy stature and more nostalgic design.

Hang a gold-rimmed mirror

Gold-rimmed mirrors with gilded accents are often considered the symbols of luxury and sophistication worthy of kings. They add tasteful appeal to the bathroom with their antique appearance and massively built which perfectly adapts to the vintage design. If you have a small bathroom, hang one central and several small mirrors to create an illusion of a bigger space and add more light to the room.

Opt for brass fixtures

Brass fixtures are commonly used to highlight the nostalgic elements in your vintage bathroom and that means you will have to hire experts to replace the piping. Their appearance can give traditional allure with curvy edges or be more on the antique side with handles completely separate from the spigot. Some even have ceramic details that give them a more cottage-like feel which is a good way for vintage bathrooms completely dedicated to forgo any contemporary elements of design.

Have two spigots instead of one

When it comes to fixtures, there is another thing to consider that will really amp the vintage look. Separate spigots for hot and cold water are a sophisticated way of evoking an era when these were normal in bathrooms during the 19th and early 20th centuries. They are perfect for any sink with some modification a professional can do in a day and will add a luxurious note to your vintage décor.

Install stained glass windows

Stained glass windows are both aesthetic and practical elements in the vintage bathrooms which will eliminate curtains from the design. Moreover, you will get interesting light patterns and warm colors on your floors and walls which will create a serene ambiance and a renaissance feel. Paint the walls in a neutral color which will allow their colorful nature to fully shine and enjoy a comfortable hot bath engulfed in their relaxing tones.


Vintage bathroom ideas are full of sophistication, elegance, and gracefulness that will never go out of style. Go to flea markets and yard sales to find unique pieces you can add to your bathroom and hire professionals who truly understand what you want. And when the work is done, pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy some relaxing moments in your new claw-foot tub and candlelight.

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