Freda James Releases Hypnotic New Single “Just Like Wind”

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Female empowerment is at the heart of Freda James’ music. From her lyrics to her live performances – which comes alive with the help of her all-female band – Freda makes it clear that women do, indeed, run the show. Freda James continues to take charge with the release of her hypnotic new single “Just Like Wind.”

Co-written with Chrome Sparks & Dave Weingarten, “Just Like Wind” is a song about the rush of new love, the whirlwind of change it brings, and the need to take things slow so that these important relationships don’t change with the seasons. The song, with it’s Donna Summer inspired vocal chants, funky synths and uptempo moody bass lines, is meant to make you feel that rush; but Freda, knowing better than to get caught up in the rush she’s felt before, calls to take it slow – “we’ll go slow, cause I know that you’re healing, I’ll be around, I’m not leaving.” 

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Freda James is as a breath of fresh air in the indie-pop landscape, fusing elements of soul, disco, R&B and pop influences to create a unique and captivating sound. In late 2016 Freda released her first single, “Pushing You Away,” immediately securing a premiere on Neon Gold Records and a sync on FreeForm’s The Bold Type. She followed the early success with two more charming singles, “Horrified” and “Bound To You.” Today (June 14) she reveals her single “Just Like Wind” before diving into her first EP, A Woman Alone, later this Summer.

Freda’s A Woman Alone EP is a collection of sonic diary entries chronicling her discovery of self-empowerment and womanhood. The EP showcases her dynamic range of cinematic pop compositions, from slow burning ballads to dark disco grooves, and will further build on the mystical moody world that she has begun to weave.

“My music, at its core, is a life lesson for my past self; a musical guide to growing into womanhood on your own terms,” Freda writes. “It’s this notion that drives my mission – to usher in a newfound level of power and self-awareness for women around the world.”

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