Top 5 European Destinations to Visit in Summer

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Budapest is the capital of Hungary. Oozing with an energetic environment, a world-class music scene, and happening nightlife, Budapest offers something for everyone. Considered to be one of Europe’s most delightful urban areas, it is often nicknamed the “Paris of the East”.

There are numerous ways to explore Budapest: by foot, cable car, underground, on water, by bicycle, or even by a land and/or water capable vehicle. Start by climbing Gellért Hill to view stunning parts of the UNESCO World Heritage perspectives of the city from the Citadel. Cross the stream to explore the rivers and take a walk down towards the Parliament. If you want to check out some really amazing views, hike down different slopes and valleys such as Danube Bend.



Just by hearing the name of this beautiful city in Italy, you can figure out what beauty and grandeur Venice has to offer. Tourists from across the globe visit the gorgeous city of Venice every year. A city marked with the presence of beautiful churches, and Garden Islands & Lagoon Aquaculture. Venice offers you the perfect spot to spend holidays with your friends and family.



Rotterdam is one of the biggest ports in the world. It is also the second biggest city in the Netherlands and it has a great deal to offer to the explorers. A city with a rich history, Rotterdam has a population of more than 600 thousand. Regardless of whether you are keen on shopping, design, craftsmanship, or daring nightlife, Rotterdam has it all.

Rotterdam is situated in the region of South Holland. In Rotterdam, you will discover welcoming patios all over the place: concealed among the shining high rises, on the riverside quays, in the moving green parks, and in the in-vogue neighborhoods around the downtown area.



Situated on the brink of the Mediterranean in the north of the Spanish drift, Barcelona is considered to be the cosmopolitan hub of Spain. It is one of the more progressive cities in the world, exhibiting a rich culture and a history to be proud of. While in Barcelona, make sure to visit the colossal artsy combinations of Gaudi, Sagrada Familia, and Casa Batlló. If you are accompanied by kids, make sure that you visit the famous zoo or the aquarium. Barcelona is a city that offers you some of the best scenic views so make sure that you are wearing a pair of comfortable boots so that you can stroll around the city with ease.



The capital of Scotland, Edinburgh is a city with a rich cultural history. Offering a beautiful combination of modern city life and old school traditions, Edinburgh receives thousands of tourists every year from all over the globe.

The mighty Edinburgh Castle is the epitome of beauty, and it alone offers a great view to its visitors. However, you will also find that the city is host to breathtaking views of green pastures, calm nightlife, and some of the greatest festivals every year.

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