Tips for Setting Up a Successful E-Commerce Business

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You probably know a few people who make a living selling stuff online, yet it certainly isn’t a given that your e-store will be a success, far from it. It takes a lot of hard work, perseverance and a little good fortune to create a winning business and with that in mind, here are a few tips to ensure that your e-store carves out a market share from a global market.

  • Create a good business plan – This should be the very first thing you do, once you have decided on a product line and a good business plan would be at least 20 pages in length and would cover every aspect of the business.
  • Choosing a product line – You can order wholesale jewelry in Thailand from an established company at very low prices and all items are of the best quality. It is worth taking note of what people are buying; eco-friendly products that are made with natural materials are very popular and with some extensive market research, you can confirm that there is the demand for your chosen line of products.
  • Go heavy on digital marketing – Whether you sell jewelry or auto parts, your website needs to be optimized for Google searches, as this will drive organic traffic to your store. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that digital marketing is an optional extra, as it certainly is an integral aspect of any e-commerce business.
  • Relocate to a tropical paradise – The great thing about an ecommerce business is you can set the business up in a country like Thailand or Malaysia and enjoy a low cost of living and a great climate. Plus, your supplier can be located in the same country that your business is registered, which saves you a lot of money. You could become a social media influencer posting great travel reviews, as this blog outlines.
  • It’s all in the logistics – Assuming that your products are of top quality, the secret to a successful e-commerce business is rapid delivery. Talk to a leading third-party logistics provider and see what they can do for you in terms of fast order fulfilment. If you find the right 3PL provider, all you need to do is deliver your products and packaging to their warehouse and forward all orders to be processed.
  • Focus on the user experience –Known in the trade as the UX, this is the experience a site visitor would have, which starts the second they arrive at your landing page. Do your pages load fast, is the site easy to navigate? The answers to questions like these will give you the feedback you need to accurately assess your UX, then you can pinpoint weaknesses and improve the UX.
  • Outsource site administration – Being your own webmaster will take up most of your time, even if you are able to manage the platform, you are better off leaving site administration to the developer that built your e-store.

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