Tips for Planning a Cozy Night In
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Tips for Planning a Cozy Night In

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Your home should be a place to decompress. Unfortunately, very often, we bring the stress from work and other external sources into our homes. It doesn’t help that people have been spending more time at home due to COVID-19, so the personal space which should feel comfortable might be starting to feel a bit claustrophobic.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to make a night at home feel like an escape from your everyday stress. These tips for planning a cozy night in will help you put your mind at ease after a long day of work.

Soak in a Bubble Bath

Creating a bubble bath to decompress with is a great way to begin the evening. Unlike the feeling of rushing through a shower before work, spending some time in a bubble bath can soothe your mind and help you relieve built-up stress.

That being said, this night is about finding the best way to help you relax. So, if you prefer taking a long, hot shower, then go for it. Although we’re suggesting starting your cozy night in with a bubble bath, you can choose to cap the night off with a hot shower instead.

Brew Some Herbal Tea

Next, indulge in some tea that’s equally as soothing as your bubble bath (or shower). Being meticulous with this step is important; not all tea has the same effects. For a cozy night in, brew yourself a calming chamomile blend.

Although chamomile has a popular reputation for its soothing qualities, if it’s not your cup of tea, there’s a bevy of herbal teas on the market that can relax your mind and deliver a delightful flavor/aroma combination.

Get Comfortable

After you have some tea ready, find a place to sit or lie down and get cozy. If you have a comfy robe, put it on, kick back, and relax. Find the warmest blanket to wrap up in and take a pillow or two for neck support. Once you’re snug enough, you can begin your entertainment for the evening.

Indulge in Some Entertainment

All of these tips for planning a cozy night in are building up to the entertainment. This is the part where you can really let your creativity fly. Once you’re sitting back and relaxing, find some good escapism for the evening. If you like reading, grab your current book, or maybe one you’ve been meaning to get to for a while and spend the night sifting through its pages.

On the other hand, you can rent the latest movie, pop on a Netflix show that’s been sitting in your queue, or try out a new video game. Not everyone finds the same activities relaxing, so you’re the best judge of what’s the right form of escapism for your own cozy night in. At the end of the day, this is all about helping you improve your mood and decrease your stress.

Tips for Planning a Cozy Night In
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