Ben Brown Drops Invigorating R&B Infused Single What You’re Leaving For

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Singer-songwriter Ben Brown has released the R&B influenced single “What You’re Leaving For,” a unique view of the typical party scene. Brown combines high tempo jazzy baselines with soulful, disco-infused melodies for this high energy single. “What You’re Leaving For” is now available to stream and download on digital music platforms worldwide.

Ben Brown’s “What You’re Leaving For” is an animated track that leads listeners to a feel-good party vibe, but has lyrics that tell a different story. “The opening lyrics about pouring drinks sets you up to think that it is going to be a party song, when in fact the song is ironically about getting to a club and hating the music, people, and wanting to go home to get a takeaway,” explains Brown. This song is a rare find as it intoxicates listeners with the head-banging party tempo while relaying a relatable story of how agonizing it can be to be a part of that scene. The R&B-influenced drum pattern gives the track the extra energy and buoyant feel intended to mock the subject matter. “Rather than hearing the same old poppin’ bottle in da club’ scenario and glossing over the generic lyrics, I am trying to entice people to follow what is going on in the song,” said Brown.

Ben Brown is a singer-songwriter from London who blends neo-soul, disco, and pop elements to create an exciting and infectious sound consisting of soulful vocal melodies and funky guitar licks. He has drawn influence from a variety of genres: from pop superstar Bruno Mars, to Tom Misch in the neo-soul scene, as well as acclaimed R&B artist Jamiroquai. Ben Brown collaborated with Will Paterson to help create different influences on the track. “I played the guitar over Will’s drums. I then laid down the bassline before performing the vocals. Will and I made the synths together before he finished up the production and mixed it,” explains Brown. The track was mastered by Kevin Tuffy at Alchemy Mastering.

Ben Brown’s dynamic, exhilarating track “What You’re Leaving For” is a party anthem with a refreshing twist.


You can download or stream “What You’re Leaving For” now on digital music platforms worldwide.

To keep up with Ben Brown’s journey, follow him on Instagram @BenBrown_uk.

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