Tiana Kocher Takes Her Love Interest to School On Latest R&B Release, “Lesson”

School may be out for the summer, but Tiana Kocher is still in session with her latest R&B release, “Lesson”. The rising star is back with a bang. The new song showcases the rising star’s impressive vocal range and profound writing chops.

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From the moment the song starts, you can feel the passion and emotion in Tiana’s voice. Her impressive vocal range shines through, drawing listeners in and keeping them hooked until the very last note. It’s clear that Tiana is not just a singer, but a storyteller, using her music to convey powerful messages and emotions.

Album - Lesson

Stream Lesson https://sndo.ffm.to/1j8rqnr

“Entering this newfound era, I wanted to create something that felt very meaningful to me,” explains Kocher. “While ‘Daisies’ showed a very vulnerable side to me, ‘Lesson’ is me taking the next step in my artistry. I’m very thankful for all my collaborators on this project.”

Staying true to the song’s theme, Tiana has been engrossed in elevating her creative skills through collaborative writing sessions with musicians across the US and the Philippines. In addition to pulling inspiration from these workshops, she created her own women’s writing camp that is now an annual event in Los Angeles.

Already wise beyond her years, Tiana continues to build on her personal and professional experiences and shows no signs of letting up. “Lesson” blends together all of her influences to date and is poised to be one of 2024’s Songs of the Summer.

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