Things You Should Consider Before Getting a Wedding Jewelry Purchase

Things You Should Consider Before Getting a Wedding Jewelry Purchase

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You got engaged a few months ago, and now your wedding is in a few weeks. You have started shopping for wedding essentials. But one important thing you will get for your big day is the bridal jewelry. You have to look for the best jewelry services to get the best deals in town. 

However, getting the wedding jewelry is not a big problem. In most families, bridal jewelry is a family prestige. So, they will take you shopping since they have better experience in selecting bridal jewelry. However, there are a few lifesaver tips you should have. Here is what you should consider before making a wedding jewelry purchase.

Consider the Current Trends

When you want your wedding jewelry to stand out, and you will not go for 19th-century styles.

Research the market trends and select a unique style for your wedding. If you are unsure of what to choose, you can get jewelry services from a reputable local jeweler. They will guide you through the trends that can suit your wedding theme and style.

Stick to Your Budget

Bridal jewelry varies in price due to many factors. One way to avoid overspending is by setting a budget before making a purchase. Stick to the budget no matter what you see in the jewelry store. You should also know that the artwork on the jewelry piece affects the price of the jewelry. Thus, ensure you consider the artwork before setting a budget. 

Check Your Family Heirloom

Before you buy any piece of bridal jewelry, check your family heirloom. You might get a few details that may match your bridal outfit. If you are not good at matching, you can seek jewelry services from your local jeweler. They will advise on what attires can match the jewelry. The move can help you save a lot of money that you can channel to other wedding preparations.

Choose Your Metal and Style

Bridal jewelry is not all about the bride. You should consult your spouse before you settle for the metal and gemstone to have. Keep in mind that you will wear one piece of the jewelry set over- the ring. 

Choose a jewelry set that will serve you beyond the wedding day. If you cannot agree on the color of the metal due to your daily lifestyle, you should compromise.

Have a jewelry set that has both of your color choices. That way, you will have met the needs of both of you. 

The bride can feel free to select the gemstone because it is likely that the husband’s wedding band will have none.

Start the Purchase Process Early

Never wait until the last second to purchase your wedding jewelry. Give yourself a few months to choose. It ensures you get the best jewelry for your budget. Also, it gives you enough time to see different styles and designs and settle for the best. When you plan early, you may get lucky and get the jewelry during the offer periods. 

If you want custom pieces, seek jewelry services at least three months before the b-day. It allows you enough time for consultation and for the designer to make the pieces. Also, you will get your piece early enough and make any adjustments if necessary. 

Consider Your Lifestyle

You will wear your wedding band every day after your wedding. Thus, endure that the ring will not interfere with your lifestyle. If your lifestyle is active, avoid chunky bands. However, if your job involves minimal use of the hands, you can select any band of your choice. The other jewelry pieces are more flexible since you do not need to wear them every day. 

Select Something You Will Love for Years

It is tricky to select a wedding band. One reason is that people’s tastes and likes can change over time. Thus, take your time to think of your jewelry choice.

Would you love that band 20 years from now? If your response is yes, go ahead and purchase it. But if your answer is no, discuss with your spouse and find another design. 

Choose the Right Size

Keep in mind that you will have your wedding band through all seasons and all situations in life. Thus, when you are selecting the size, you should consider all the circumstances. It is during this stage that you need jewelry services the most. A jeweler can advise you on the best size that will be comfortable through all the seasons. 

Know the Quality

All the metals and gemstones have different qualities. Assure that you spend in the best quality for your wedding jewelry. Good quality jewelry will have hallmarks, manufacturer trademark, a sponsor symbol, and mineral content. Also, they should indicate which metal makes the pieces. 

Know the Cleaning Guidelines

Keeping jewelry pieces is easy. It is even more comfortable if the articles are solid metal or have minimal artwork. You can seek jewelry services to know how to clean the jewelry pieces. It will protect you from many trips to the jeweler to have your pieces cleaned. However, it would be best to take the pieces to an expert for cleaning and inspection at least once a year. 

Don’t Copy Designs

One mistake people make is to copy the design from celebrities and magazines. No matter how a jewelry piece is beautiful, you will not feel good wearing it if it does not tell your story. 

Pay Attention to Detail

You all want perfect pieces for your wedding. Thus, keep a keen eye on the details of the artwork. Ensure you observe the jewelry under sunlight and check if it has any defects. 

Buy From Reputable Jewelers

You can never want to make any mistake while buying bridal jewelry. It is without a doubt that you can only get the best jewelry services from reputable jewelers. They will tell you what pieces or sets you can get at your budget. Also, you are sure to get a warrant for all your jewelry pieces. 

When you are choosing jewelry, have a keen eye on the hallmarks. Also, compare the charges with the current market rates. Ensure you get a certificate of originality for gemstones, especially diamonds. 


You can get the best jewelry services if you have the tips above at your fingertips. Bridal jewelry marks an important event in your life. Thus, you should not overlook any detail as it is when buying other kinds of jewelry. It would be best to consider a resale value to ensure your jewelry according to the market price. 

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