The Trampoline Delay Releases New Single From Upcoming Album

Attention all indie rock fans! The Trampoline Delay, hailing from Milton, Ontario, is back with a bang. Led by the talented Pete Marino, this band is known for their infectious guitar-driven tunes that will have you hitting repeat for days. The band is dropping their second single, “The Right Stuff,” which promises to be the ultimate anti-breakup anthem of the summer. This is one band you don’t want to miss out on. Keep on rocking! 🎸🎶

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Based out of Milton, Ontario, The Trampoline Delay began as an outlet for Pete Marino, a skilled songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with a knack for crafting catchy, dynamic, guitar-driven indie rock tunes.

The Trampoline Delay’s sophomore album, Tandem Bike, will be unveiled gradually, with each song being released over the next 12 months. The album’s debut track, “Excuses Excuses,” (released earlier this year) offers a brooding and atmospheric vibe, and earned favourable reviews from the press and garnering airplay on radio stations across Canada and internationally.

The Trampoline Delay The Right Stuff

The second single, “The Right Stuff,” is the next release from the upcoming album. With its infectious intro and hooky chorus, the song promises to be the anti-breakup anthem of the summer. A stylistic shift from its predecessor, “The Right Stuff” exemplifies Pete’s exceptional songwriting depth and versatility.

ABOUT THE SONG: “The Right Stuff”
Out June 6, 2024 via Swear Word Records

“The Right Stuff” dives into the complex theme of love and loss amidst the turbulent journey of life. It’s a raw reflection on how external pressures can wreak havoc on relationships—temptations, the daunting transition into adulthood, and the fear of losing one’s identity all play a role. Sometimes, we find ourselves at a crossroads, torn between making the right decision and succumbing to impulsive choices with lasting repercussions.

At its core, the song delves into the aftermath of a regrettable decision and the need for redemption. However, beyond the surface, it’s an introspective exploration of life’s pressures, the weight of regret, and the awakening to what truly matters. It captures the essence of emotional turmoil and the consequences of acting on fleeting impulses, ultimately leaving scars on all involved.

To be honest, I wrestled with the decision to include ‘The Right Stuff’ on the record, fearing it might veer too close to the realm of poppy love songs. Yet, in the end, I realized I needed to purge and felt I owed it to both myself and the person it was written for. Releasing it in this form felt incredibly cathartic.

I actually wrote the chorus to this song around 10 years ago. It had more of an acoustic, almost “bluesy” vibe where the vocal melody followed the guitar. I liked it, but despite several attempts, I struggled to write a verse that worked with it or that I liked. I tend to write in spurts, so fast forward around 10 years, during a fairly prolific period of time, I made the decision to just finish “The Right Stuff” and get it out of my head. I penned the verse and recorded the song in a matter of hours, avoiding the idea of revisions or overthinking.
– Pete Marino (frontman/songwriter – The Trampoline Delay)

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