The Secret to Attaining Cool Dad Status

Cooper Klein
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Being a father is not easy for many reasons. One of them is that you can’t know exactly what it is like until you get your first kid. Then, if you decide to have another one, you realise that it’s not the same as it was the first time around. Also, the fact that many things are changing so rapidly around us doesn’t help either. However, one thing has not changed for ages and that is the task ahead of you. You want to help your kid become the best person they can be. Can dads do that in a way that makes them cool? Well, of course, they can.

Relate to your kid

The new generations might easily turn out to be the best set of dads so far, despite what many older people think. One of the reasons for this is the new dads’ ability to relate to the youth of today. There are no major technological gaps to overcome, nor have the core values changed that much since the time they were kids. When today’s kids speak, today’s dads usually understand them and that is very important. If you relate to your kid and teach from experience, you’ll see it’s not that difficult to empathize with your loved ones. In you, they’ll have the perfect role model.

Be relevant, teach them about the real world

Kids actually love to learn new things, but only if they see the purpose. That’s why it’s very difficult to motivate them to learn all the subjects at school with the same enthusiasm, but the story is quite different when it comes to what they can learn from their dad. That doesn’t mean you should completely neglect traditional education and not help them with that, far from it. It’s only a suggestion to focus on the things that they won’t learn at school, but that they will definitely need in life. Teach them how to withdraw money from an ATM, replace a light bulb and get over their breakups, for example. Those lessons are priceless.

Stay in shape

By staying in shape and looking after yourself, you are doing a favour to both your kid and yourself. Not only will you be healthier and live longer, but your kid will be inspired to lead a similar life. No matter how old your kid is, there are always some activities you can do together and make the whole experience even more fun. From riding a bike to jumping on big trampolines in your backyard, every physical activity that you can do together only strengthens the bond between you, while helping you stay in great shape. Naturally, at some point you won’t be able to keep up with your kid, so make sure you don’t overstretch yourself.

Work on your image

You may think your kid doesn’t care what their dad looks like, but that’s simply not true. They too form an opinion about a person partly on the way that person dresses. The fact you’re their dad can only mean they will be even stricter judging your appearance. So, don’t go out and embarrass them (and yourself) wearing something that doesn’t fit you or wearing some clothes inappropriate for your age. Needless to say, you need to feel comfortable in your clothes, but sweatpants are just not appropriate for every occasion.

Don’t overprotect them

Children are curious by nature and will often test your boundaries. Make sure you set them clearly and you’ll see that kids actually love knowing how far they can go. On the other hand, while your job is to protect them, don’t overdo it. They need to know some things, though not everything. Make sure they realize you treat them with the respect they deserve and try to explain some of your actions if you see they’ve caused confusion. If you’ve made a mistake, admit it to them. You won’t come across as weak, but as an honest person with good intentions.

Don’t copy your parents

While there might have been many things your parents were doing right when you were growing up, that doesn’t mean that they didn’t make any mistakes. So, don’t follow their methods blindly, but understand that your kid is a different individual from you at their age. If nothing else, the genes and the environment have changed dramatically and you need to be aware of it.

Being a cool dad is not easy, but it can be so beneficial. If your kids see you as such a person, the chances are they too will do their best if they decide to be parents one day, helping their own children turn out great. And what more could you possibly wish for?

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