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The Food Lover’s Guide to Australia

Traveling isn’t just about sightseeing, its also about experiencing different tastes and flavors. Combine both the beautiful Australian landscapes with amazing, tasty foods and wonders of Australian cuisine.

Each Australian region, each city has something delicious to offer, and regardless of whether you are a foodie or not, you will enjoy discovering different aspects of Australia. 

Take a small trip across Australia with us to find out what foods and culinary delights you can enjoy in this part of the world.

Tasmania’s capital city, Hobart offers many different experiences, from beautiful beaches to delicious foods and drinks.

Victoria Region – Melbourne

When in Melbourne, one of the biggest cities in Australia, you’ll be overwhelmed with the number of restaurants and options to choose from. Melbourne is the foodie paradise; you can basically find anything and everything your heart desires in this city.

You can start by playing it safe with some of the most typical and fresh seafood dishes, such as cold cooked shrimp, fresh oysters, crayfish.

If you’re in the mood for something more extra you can try salted kangaroo meat as well as fish dumplings made from fresh mackerel fillets and other special ingredients.

Melbourne also offers some of the best vegetarian restaurants. So, if you are more inclined to try this kind of food you can try out some of the best veggie burgers in the world.

Tasmanian Region

Tasmania region is one of the most beautiful and most fertile regions of Australia. This region is ideal for farming and it’s the region that has some of the best foods and dishes in Australia.

One such typical Hobartian dish includes abalone – edible sea snails found in the Tasmanian Sea. This delicious shellfish can only be eaten in some of the best restaurants in Hobart as Tasmania is the largest source of abalone. This also means that this type of food is quite expensive and can only be found on the high price menus. 

If you want to try some of the best whiskeys, gins, and ciders in Australia, Hobart is the ideal place to be. You can pick your poison in the capital of Tasmania and also visit some of the best local distilleries in order to have the authentic experience.

While you’re in Tasmania hop down to the northwestern point of it where you’ll find Cape Grim. Cape Grim is famous for its green pastures and clean air and clean running water. This is probably why this region offers the best Tasmanian beef known as Cape Grim Beef. Whenever you order Cape Grim Beef you can rest assured that the cattle used for this dish were raised in the green grasses of Cape Grim and because of this, it will taste delicious.

New South Wales and Sydney

Where to even start in Australia’s capital? So many things to see and so many foods to try. Let’s start off, once again, with seafood.

Sydney is famous for its Fish Market that offers the freshest kinds of seafood you’ll ever have the pleasure of eating. From freshly caught oysters, lobsters, tuna to Balmain bugs and Barramundi caught in Sydney Harbour.

If you have more of a sweet tooth, you can try one of Sydney’s most popular pastries – strawberry and watermelon cake. This delectable dessert will make you reach for seconds – the cake is very light and you wouldn’t even believe how well strawberry and watermelon can go together!

Queensland region, Brisbane

Another region very popular for its seafood. Queensland is famous for its delicacies that include mud crabs, Moreton Bay bugs, sea scallops, king and tiger prawns and so on.

Subtropical climate perfectly suits some of the tastiest fruits such as mangos, avocados, pineapples and, even bananas. Some of the most delicious desserts come from this region, one such is the most iconic Australian cake – Lamington cake.

This cake is a sponge cake coated in chocolate and rolled in coconut flakes. You can’t visit the Queensland region without trying a bite of this cake.

Brisbane as the capital city of this region offers many European and Asian cuisine restaurants. You can also drink some of the local brans of beer and you can try out Bundaberg rum produced only in Bundaberg, Queensland. Bundaberg rum is brewed with sugar cane, another product produced in the Queensland region.

Northern Territory, Darwin

Apart from outdoor adventures, Northern Territory offers some of the best food experiences in Australia.

If you want a special type of experience then start with crocodile meat. This region is also a good place to try “bush tucker”, a typical Aboriginal bushfood, meaning the way of cooking meat and vegetables.

Here you can eat barramundi fish, mud crabs, and so on. You can try Kakadu plum jam and you can eat a native peach known as quandong, which has a flavor, unlike anything you ever tried.

You can also drink bush tea and Paul’s iced coffee typical for this region.

The capital of NT, Darwin also has many different restaurants and cafes to offer. Everything, from cheap dining to flashy expensive restaurants can be found in Darwin.

Perth, Western Australia

When in Western Australia you mustn’t miss their seafood and Manjimup Truffles.

Western Australia is well known as the truffles region of Australia as it produces 80% of the Australian truffles. So, when in this region try not to skip trying their famous Truffle Toasts with seafood or Truffle Soups and Pies.

Lamb chops and Lupins are this region’s signature dish, so it’s only natural that you’d want to try it.

For a dessert, you can try their traditional WA dessert – Pavlova cake. This cake is creamy and fresh and light. It is made of meringue and cream, and on the top, you can find fresh seasonal fruit like apples, avocados, kiwis, figs, mandarins, strawberries, passion fruit and so on.

South Australia and Adelaide

To finish this brief food trip across Australia, we come to South Australia and it’s capital city, Adelaide.

Something typical for this region and for the city of Adelaide is a dish known as the Pie Floater. The Pie Floater is a traditional Australian meat pie submerged in the thick pea soup.

Sausages are a big deal in this region due to the German settlers. Because of this, you will have the chance to try some of the best German delicacies but in Australia. Another meat specialty bound for this region is lamb. Locally pasture-raised lamb can change the way you think of lamb.

Additionally, you can expect many different types of seafood and fruits and vegetables. And you can try some of the best chocolate in Australia right here in Adelaide and SA.

Another thing to expect when in South Australia is the variety of wines. This is the best wine region in the whole of Australia and because of this, you can visit some of the best wine cellars and wineries in the country. You may be offered some of the best Barossa Valley cheese to munch on while you are wine tasting.

Australia is a huge country and we hope that this brief overview of its regions and cities managed to help you find traditional foods and drinks you can try when you’re on your food trip through Australia.

Of course, there are many other delicious foods and dishes that we didn’t get to mention here, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try them. With the size of Australia just imagine the variety of delicious foods and dishes that you can discover on your own.

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