The Family Grave releases their excellent new single No Return

Brighton-based band, The Family Grave, has done it again with their latest single release, 'No Return'. This surprise track is the third to be unveiled from their upcoming collection, and it is already making waves in the music scene. With 'No Return', The Family Grave proves that great songwriting is not just about catchy hooks and polished production - it's about baring your soul and sharing your truth with the world. So, if you're looking for a musical experience that is both heartfelt and authentic, look no further than The Family Grave's latest single. Trust us, there's no return once you've heard it.

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The Family Grave are from Brighton, UK, and they’ve dropped a surprise new track, the third from their forthcoming collection, called ‘No Return’.

‘No Return’ is based on the experience of living in short-life tenement housing in the East End of London. “We were poor, but we were happy” they say, ” and every word in the song is true.” It’s a reminder of the power of telling a personal story through the singer-songwriter medium. It’s modern folk music, it’s alt-country, it’s just honest-to-goodness great songwriting.

‘No Return’ is a full band performance featuring gorgeous backing vocals from Lindsey Oliver and Tim Harbridge and beautiful trumpet playing by Matt Ellis Devitt. The single is a digital-only release, ahead of the album later this summer, but it is available on Spotify here and YouTube and Apple Music.

The Family Grave is mainly a vehicle for Jon’s songwriting, accompanied by an assortment of friends. First album ‘Everybody is Flawed’ was a lo-fi affair, recorded straight to cassette. Second album Happy Songs was recorded and mixed at Church Road Studios in Brighton and Hove (UK).

There will be a further super-limited 7″ single on the Super8Sync label out over the summer featuring two more new tracks – ‘Caroline’ and ‘Leave Him Behind’. Then the band plan to self-release the full collection later this year,

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