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Get ready to meet the rising star in the dance music scene - Allegra! This London-based sensation burst onto the scene last year with her chart-topping collaboration with Tiësto on the remix of her hit track ‘Round & Round’. Since then, Allegra has been making waves with her infectious beats and captivating vocals.

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With a unique blend of club and pop sensibility, Allegra has quickly established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Her debut single ‘All About Us’ soared to the #2 position on the UK’s official Music Week Commercial Pop Club Chart in 2021, and she has continued to impress with six Top 3 singles on the same chart.

And now, Allegra is back with a bang with her latest single release, ‘Love You Right Back’, remixed by none other than the legendary DJ ALOK. Release on May 3rd via Radikal Records, this track is a high-energy, emotionally charged anthem that is sure to get you on your feet and dancing the night away.

Not only has Allegra conquered the charts in the UK, but she has also made a splash on the Billboard Dance Chart in the USA and secured numerous other chart placements worldwide. With millions of views and streams on platforms like Spotify and YouTube, Allegra is proving to be a global sensation.

Initially focused on establishing herself as a credible artist among international DJs, Allegra is now on the fast track to becoming one of the hottest mainstream pop stars to emerge from the UK in recent years. Keep an eye on this rising star as she continues to take the music world by storm. Get ready to fall in love with Allegra and her infectious beats – she’s here to stay!


When did you start writing music?

I started writing music in my early teens. It’s so funny when I find an old songwriting book of mine hidden away. I was clearly going through a lot of heart break as a teen!

Who are your main musical influences?

I grew up listening to artists like Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Beyonce and Taylor Swift who are such talented hardworking artists. I only wish to be as successful and hard working like them.

How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business?

The Internet has revolutionized the music business, making it easier for artists to reach global audiences, but it has also increased the competition as anyone can release anything these days, so you have to stay on top of it as an artist and not lose your audience.

Do you plan your music releases, or do you just finish a song and release it?

I generally plan my music releases, so I know what project I’m working on, but sometimes a song feels right to release spontaneously.

How do you deal with writer’s block?

I take breaks, seek new experiences, and sometimes collaborate with other artists to reignite my creativity.

What is one message you would give to your fans?

I’d first of by saying thank you for your unwavering support because that fuels my passion every day, but I would also say that all I want is to create a community of people who can connect through music so if you want to be a part of something follow me on my journey, and we can go through it together.

What is next for you?

I’m working on an EP which I’m very, very excited about because this will be the first time my fan hear a body of work also there would be a variety of music. Some people might be shocked to hear this side of me. I can’t wait !

Would you have any advice for would-be artists or songwriters wanting to follow you?

Stay true to your unique voice, be persistent, and never stop learning and evolving your craft. Don’t focus on anyone else but your own journey. There might be some other people who might distract you and convince you to change, but you just have to do you.

If you could have any superhero power, what would it be and why?

I would choose the power of teleportation to instantly travel anywhere in the world, making it easier to connect with fans and loved ones without the constraints of time and distance.

What two nonessential items would you want if you were shipwrecked on a deserted island?

I would need to have a radio so that I could still listen to music ! I can never not have music playing. 

Are you a cat or dog person?

I’m definitely a dog person. They are loyalty and so cuddly.

If you had a time machine, would you travel to the future or back to the past?

I’d travel to the past to experience historical moments first hand and meet some of my musical heroes.

What would be the ideal food to have cooked for you on a date night?

The ideal food would be a beautifully cooked Italian meal, perhaps homemade pasta with a nice glass of wine.

Allegra Love You Right Back ALOK Remix Sleeve

The Alok remix of ‘Love You Right Back’, which was released on Radikal Records, is a fast-paced and emotionally driven track that is sure to fill the dance floor. With its compelling blend of soaring vocals, vivid synths, and pounding club beats, it captures Allegra’s special fusion of emotion and pop sensibility. Allegra has been hailed as one of the UK music scene’s standout talents, with her unshakable determination and irresistible pop sound propelling her to ever-increasing commercial success.


Speaking on his time working with Allegra, ALOK shared, “I first discovered Allegra through Tiesto’s remix of her track ‘Round & Round’, and I’ve been following her ever since. When she reached out to me about remixing her latest single, I was thrilled at the opportunity to collaborate with such an amazing artist. She is extremely talented and it has been an absolute pleasure to collaborate with her”

ALLEGRA 'Love You Right Back' (Official Music Video)

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