The Essential Guide to Healthy and Effective Cosmetics

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Cosmetics is a huge term which includes all kinds of beauty regimes and techniques from skincare products to plastic surgery. If you do it right, cosmetics can be empowering, brave, and put a real spring in your step. However, if you don’t do your research and use a trusted product or provider, then you might live to regret it. We’re going to unpack some pitfalls and discuss some success stories in this essential guide so that you can take the plunge into the world of cosmetics with confidence.

Hair Removal

Unwanted hair can seriously knock your confidence, that’s why professional hair removal has become such a large area in cosmetics. Temporary solutions are easy to come by. Plenty of short term over the counter fixes are out there which will leave your hairless for a few days at a time, but these solutions can be very time intensive and costly in the long run.

If you suffer from dry or sensitive skin, then more permanent solutions could be for you as well. Constantly waxing, shaving, or applying harsh hair removal chemicals to your skin can aggravate your condition and cause further irritations like ingrown hairs.

When you’re looking for a permanent hair removal solution, you should seek out an expert. Dr Scott Haupt, a specialist in laser hair removal in Utah, is a perfect example. You should look for trusted, qualified professional with an established practice.

Laser hair removal is one of the most effectivel solutions on the market, as the laser disable your hair follicles, making the process incredibly effective and only very minorly uncomfortable.


Aging is a fact of life, and as the fresh faced youth starts to fade into characterful wrinkles, some of us don’t see the romance in the aging process.

If you hit a stage in life where you don’t like the look of your reflection, then you could be considering Botox. Botox, or botulism toxin, is a drug which effectively relaxes the muscles in your face, which can smooth out the appearance of wrinkles.

It’s with doing your research and seeking professional medical advice before your first session, as the procedure does come with risks, and many people go ahead before understanding some common misconceptions about the effects.

A major misconception is that Botox injections will reverse the aging process, returning your face to a youthful state. In reality, Botox often to a baby-smooth glow. This isn’t necessarily true as Botox often simply ‘freezes’ your face as it is, rather than reversing anything. Another fact is that Botox normally only lasts for 3-4 months, so regular top ups will be required. Neither of these facts mean that you shouldn’t opt for Botox, but if you do, make sure to do plenty of research!

Essential Oils

It seems like everybody is talking about essential oils, they’re the go-to trend for every problem. But what are they? Essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts, the idea is that you are gaining all of nature’s best qualities.

You may never have heard of essential oils as a cosmetic product, but their use as a skin care is becoming more and more common. Oils such as tea tree, rose, rosehip, sandalwood, chamomile, and lavender, can help to brighten and tone the skin. Make sure you test each one before regular use to check you don’t have an allergic reaction to any of the plants!

To use essential oils in skin care, you can inhale them through the use of a burner or diffuser, mix a splash into a bath, or dilute the oil with what’s known as a ‘carrier oil’, such as coconut or argan. Simply dilute your essential oils and apply them carefully to your skin.

Get yourself some good quality essential oils and try them out for yourself! There are so many ways to use them that you can have a lot of fun with experimentation in the process. Not to mention the added mental health, clarity, and mindfulness effects they are said to possess.

Micellar water

How many products do you use on your skin every day? For most of us, our faces are washed with soap, lathered in cleanser, moisturizer, and toner, then covered in make-up and setting spray before we wipe it all off with harsh chemicals at the end of the day.

This is where ​​micellar water can help. Micellar water is a solution filled with tiny ‘micelles’, which act as magnets for dirt, make-up, oils, and more. This means it is a great alternative to make-up wipes, which can be aggravating to lots of skin types.

Micellar water doesn’t stop there! It also works as a great toner, and it promotes skin hydration. This means it could easily become your new cosmetic go-to. Just give it a try and see how it treats you!

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can be a great way of boosting your confidence, changing up your look, and trying something new! Regular hair extensions can be fairly temporary, and it can sometimes be hard to find extensions which match your hair type. This is where microlinks come in!

Microlinks are not a new trend, they were previously known as fusion extensions in the 2000’s. They have had a major resurgence over the last few years and have become revered for their versatility and diversity, catering for a wide variety of hair types and creating a seamless effect.

They work by using tiny metal or silicone beads which are used to attach the strands to your own hair. These extensions can last 2-3 months with proper maintenance, and could fool any hair stylist in the business.

Check out the range of microlink extensions on the market and see what might suit you best. You should never be afraid to visit a stylist to check on your hair type and the best option for you! These nifty extensions could quickly become your new cosmetic staple, or just a fun way of trying a new look!

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