French punk rock band Salvation releases new single and video for Echos

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“Echos” music video is the latest release from Salvation, a Punk Rock/Pop Rock quartet from Marseille/France. A 13-track album is currently in production, along with a debut video.

With a powerful and deceptively simplistic Punk Rock sound, with very structured titles with a very pop rendering, sprinkled with vocal harmonies for 3 voices, Salvation is influenced by bands like Green Day, Blink 182, NOFX, Simple Plan, Sum 41.

Salvation is formed by William RAZZA and Pierre-Emmanuel TOUCHARD guitarists/vocals (1st part by Dagoba, Anti Flag, Justine, Mute). Loïc MICHAUD joins the group as bassist/chorus player after 3 years of touring Europe with the group No Perfect in the first part of Uncommonmenfrommars. His bass playing and vocal harmonies brought melodies and power to SALVATION. Martin VENTURINI (drummer) joins the adventure and brings even more energy and dynamism to SALVATION!

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