The Best Lighting for Applying Makeup
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The Best Lighting for Applying Makeup

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Lighting is everything when you’re applying makeup. Without the proper lighting, you end up looking a certain way in your bathroom or in front of your vanity and totally different once you step out into the world. The best lighting for applying makeup should leave you feeling confident in your makeup skills and knowing all you needed was the right illumination.

Warm or Natural Light

Pink lighting can result in missed spots, and yellow lights can result in going overboard on concealer or foundation. Natural lighting is the best lighting for applying makeup, when possible. However, not everyone has access to ample natural light near their makeup setups. When natural light isn’t an option, warm white LED lights are the next best choice. LEDs have numerous benefits over traditional yellow incandescent lights. For makeup application, they most closely mimic natural light for the clear application.


When you’re revamping your bathroom or building your own custom vanity, cross-illumination or side lighting is the best choice for applying makeup. These will make sure light evenly diffuses across your face rather than just illuminating the forehead from an above-the-mirror light.

Where To Stand

If you can’t change the position of your light fixture, you should at least stand in the right place. As we said, you’ll want to avoid overhead lighting that focuses on your forehead. This can create shadows elsewhere on your face. When you’re stuck in an area with overhead lighting, consider using a makeup mirror with its own light source. Properly position your mirror lighting so that the most illuminated area on the mirror is at eye level.

The wrong lighting can leave your final look looking all wrong after you apply makeup. Changing your lighting methods will give you a better chance of achieving the look you envisioned from the start.

The Best Lighting for Applying Makeup
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