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Always following the latest beauty trends? There’s a huge variety of satisfying, well-paying jobs in the beauty industry. Cosmetology is a fantastic career. This is when you’re sure to find something that suits your skills, personality, and career preferences.

So, once you’ve worked hard and passed your state board exams, you finally get ready to work. But, before you hit up your remarkable career, you’ll need a cosmetology license.

Once you become a licensed cosmetologist, you’re good to go. From here going forward, you’ll be making the most out of your days to ensure that your clients look and feel fantastic.

Here are some of the best jobs in the beauty industry, and why they’ll make a fantastic choice for your future career.

Image Consultant

Known for giving helpful advice? A job as an image consultant could be your perfect fit. You’ll get to spend your days advising clients on their styling, makeup, and skincare. If you love making other people happy, you’re sure to love it. There’s nothing better than helping your clients both look and feel their best. The pay isn’t bad, either. On average, image consultants make around $32,540 yearly.


Love trying out new, trendy hairstyles? If you’re a pro at brushing, braiding, coloring, and adding extensions, you’d be great as a hairdresser.

You can help people prepare for unforgettable events, like their senior prom, a wedding, or a maternity photoshoot. If you’re really good, you might end up working on well-known public figures like celebrities, top executives, and politicians.

For beginner hairstylists, the pay is on the lower end at around $24,900 yearly. As you improve your craft, take on new challenges, and improve your reputation, you can continue to advance in your career.

Nail Technician

If you’re great at crafting, small, intricate, and colorful designs, you should consider a career as a nail technician job. You’ll turn your client’s hands into masterpieces by filing, coloring, and decorating their natural—or faux—nails to perfection.

Use glitter, sequins, strips, and nail art pens to turn your client’s dream nails into a reality. You get to have fun, be creative, and send your clients off feeling confident, happy, and stylish. On average, nail technicians make $24,530 per year.

Eyelash Technician

It’s one of the century’s biggest debates—do you go with big, bold eyelashes, or ones that are long, soft, and natural? If you have a knack for applying, curling, and coloring lashes, this is a job you’ll absolutely adore.

If your client has thin, sparse eyelashes, restore their confidence with some natural-looking extensions. Someone’s asking for a flashy, eye-catching look? Give them thick, dark curls—or, for the extra-quirky, lashes in fun colors like purple, pink, and neon green.

In some states, you’ll need a license to operate as a nail technician. Check out this handy guide to see if your state requires licensing, or if you’re good to go without it. If you’re just starting out, you should make around $30,080 per year.

Makeup Artist

Another one of the best jobs in the beauty industry is a makeup artist. Plenty of people know the basics like applying lipstick, eyeshadow, and mascara—but with your skills at contouring, blending, and creating complex and layered looks, you’re a step ahead of the crowd.

As a makeup artist, you can make soon-to-be brides look like gorgeous, elegant princesses and give nervous teenage girls that perfect, first date look. If you’d rather instruct others, you can always make tutorials, too. Makeup artists are popular on platforms like YouTube, where content creators can make a comfortable living. Qualified beginners will make $47,917 per year—but depending on your state’s rules, you might need certain licensing to practice.

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