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Los Angeles-based performance artist Tasks has released his new single, “Second Guess” following the positive reception of the “Breakheart” single and music video. In that clip, directed by Ed Shiers, the viewer sees our protagonist become quite fond of a pair of roller skates, with resultant injuries, both physical and emotional.

Tasks Second Guess Cover

The new song, a clinical beatbox of semi-funk indie pop, conveys the cliches of an artist struggling to follow strong creative impulses while being endlessly thwarted by indecision and doubt. Totally relatable. It features more of the lo-fi in-and-out-of-the-box arrangements that show Tasks attempting to approximate the pop music in his head and delightfully winding up somewhere else.

Tasks is the artistic solo pursuit of Matthew Stolarz, a Los Angeles native with a history in music, video and graphic design spaces. Having fronted indie/alt band The Active Set for over a decade, Stolarz needed to stretch his legs and finesse a growing backlog of songs that were “not right for the band”, but also explore the greater realm of visual and performance art. A songwriter at his core, Stolarz started Tasks as a vehicle for art in general, to solicit attention from ears AND eyes, crafting things that are both catchy and layered, fun and fucked up. Often found outdoors holding impromptu “press conferences” and performances, many have seen Tasks live and not even realized it.

Tasks - Second Guess (Official Audio)


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