Synth-wave artist Missing Words Releases Music Video For Moment To Moment

Moment To Moment is an amalgamation of loss, conquering fears, love, depression, and change. The title track Moment To Moment sums up the vibe and overall feel of the album. Missing Words lead singer James Meays talks about overcoming struggles, lost love and addiction, and changing for a better purpose. Throughout the nine tracks on the album 9 tracks of the album, you are taken on a journey of self-reflection, accompanied by a sea of pulsating synth melodies, lush guitar tones, and hard-hitting percussion. Together with all these elements combined Missing Words paints the picture of someone who can find peace within. 

The process of recording Moment To Moment was no easy task, multiple recording sessions, and late nights spent in James’ studio. Mixing and Mastering along with additional production with John Kunkel as well as Israel Medina at John’s studio in Los Angeles. Both John and Israel were both a huge part of the end product of Moment To Moment.

Subsequently, the music video for the title track Moment To Moment directed by Brad A. Kinnan was filmed. Starring the talent of Tristan Peach, And Raevyn Infinity. The video was also written by Peach and perfectly encapsulates the vibe of the song. The music video and song are our first peek into the deeply personal album Moment To Moment.

New single “Moment To Moment” OUT NOW!

Synth-wave artist Missing Words Releases Music Video For Moment To Moment

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