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SUV’s that won’t Break the Bank

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They can go anywhere and pretty much do anything. They are Sports Utility Vehicles and they are dominating the market. These bad boys have no intention of losing popularity amongst the diverse drivers who seek them, with advancements and innovations constantly in the pipeline. Though the appeal lies with the toughness and power that’s promised, the costs associated are not something to get excited about.

The good news is however, that car manufacturers have come to realize that their customer base is so varied that a good chunk does not require the powerful all-terrain capability and are likely to be satisfied with an SUV that does without it entirely. As long as road presence is not comprised, many customers are happy to drive their SUV on-road and revel in the invincibility of a higher driving position and superior view of the road. Also, with the higher demand for SUV’s, various relatives including subcompact SUV’s and crossovers have entered the playing field to offer a solution to those wanting the rugged mechanics of an SUV without forking out for one. These alternatives offer better fuel efficiency and lower running costs.  

If you’re feeling budget conscious be sure to check out our list of SUV’s that tick all the right boxes but won’t cost you a fortune.

Mahindra TUV 300

The TUV is a popular Mahindra model, taking inspiration from a battle tank design. Its durable has a high ground clearance and large windows to facilitate better visibility when driving. It is enhanced by Micro-Hybrid technology, featuring the automatic stop-start functionality when stationary. Competitively priced and easy on the eye.

Ford EcoSport

This Ford favorite has 200mm ground clearance, Hill Launch Assist and a City Friendly design. It has excellent fuel economy without comprising on power. It’s smart, snazzy and worth every penny.

Renault Duster

The Renault Duster is an impressive vehicle, with a 4-cylinder petrol engine, advanced safety features and a power figure of 77kW. It has an intuitive control system which allows its driver to choose from 3 modes, each best suited to a particular road condition. Definitely good value for money.

Mahindra XUV 500

This second Mahindra makes our list for its luxury and power that comes at a small price. With a turbocharger and independent suspension, this SUV is capable of a smooth drive no matter the terrain. It’s refined, easy to maintain and exhibits modernity wherever it goes.

 JMC Landwind

This is an underrated gem of a car. The JMC Landwind is equipped with all the essentials of a worthy SUV. There’s ample boot space, high ground clearance, a roof rack and more. It looks good too which is always a plus!

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