Alt Rock Duo Shakeout Release Video For “Small Talk”

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Based in Yonkers, NY, alternative rock duo Shakeout  have dropped a special video for their single “Small Talk.” While not a music video, “Small Talk” shows the intricate set-up of the band, giving viewers and listeners alike an inside look at how they perform live. A different approach to a live show, Shakeout relies on live looping to achieve their distinctive alternative sound.

The “Small Talk” video shows firsthand how this process works, playing through the track and showing the looping at different angles so viewers can see from all facets. The track was originally featured on their most recent body of work, their January 2018 EP “Pt II,” a four-track collection. Although containing only 2 members, Shakeout successfully (and wonderfully) gives their live set a seasoned, full-band feel, a feat that not many can cleanly execute. About the video, the band states:

“Shakeout is our way to push the boundaries of what two musicians can accomplish in a live setting. “Small Talk” is a perfect example of a song that includes all the elements of a full band such as guitar riffs, a bass line, drums, and vocals that even include harmonies performed by just the two of us. None of the guitar parts, bass lines, or vocal harmonies are pre-recorded; we have really pushed ourselves to be a live rock band. But most importantly, we’re just two guys looking to write songs that are fun and we just want to have fun playing them.”

Shakeout is a two-piece alt/punk band from Yonkers, NY, that formed at the tail end of 2016. With experimentation at the core of the band’s songwriting, they take influence from a multitude of genres including punk, pop, and hip-hop. Through the use of live looping, multiple amplifiers, and a powerhouse drummer, the band’s unique and dynamic live show creates the illusion more than just two dudes named A.J. in the lineup. With a DIY ethos and only about a year of shows under their belts, the band has self-released two EPs and played throughout the northeast region of the U.S. including appearances at LAUNCH Music Conference in Lancaster, PA, as well as an upcoming performance at this year’s NYC Punk Island. They will be continuing their travels through the rest of 2018 and beyond as they get ready to release their third EP and then enter the studio to record new material at the end of June.

Shakeout - "Small Talk" (Live Looping Band)

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