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“Substitute” Teachings! Making Healthy Lifestyle Swaps

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The road to health is all about making changes to your lifestyle.

People make the mistake of completely overhauling their diet or exercise regime, and it backfires on them because the change was too extreme. This is why most people give up on their new year’s resolutions. The better way to tackle your attitude to making a change in your lifestyle is to make healthy substitutions. If you are drinking too much of one alcoholic drink, it wouldn’t help to make the switch to water, you would have to make a switch to a lower alcoholic beverage and gradually phase it out completely over time. Here are a couple of handy switches to make you healthier.

Change From Cigarettes To E-cigs

Smoking is one of the hardest things to have to give up, and many people find that their cravings just get the better of them in the end and they go back to the cancer sticks. However, it has been shown that e-cigarettes have been a good transitional stage between cigarettes and giving up entirely. A lot of e-cigarettes look like some strange pipe, but there are ones that are cigarette-shaped. And the very nature of cigarette smoking is all about the habits that surround it. A lot of people who are trying to give up put a pen or something cylindrical in their hands to mimic the feeling. The other benefit of e-cigs is the various flavors, supplied in eliquid form, you can find out more details about eliquids and if they are suitable for your transition online, but the approach many people take to giving up begins with the e-cigarette. Menthol gum and patches don’t seem to be the go-to option anymore because they don’t work as well as e-cigs.

Swap Your Rice For Quinoa

Rice is a staple for many people, and there are people who eat it as part of a healthy diet, which is fine. But for people trying to lose weight by eating healthy, they may find that the last few pounds will not budge. They may be avoiding all the unhealthy snacks and eating nutritious, balanced meals, but this is likely to be because of the amount of carbohydrates they are eating. Carbs are in abundance in things like pasta and rice and are both common sides to our evening meal. When we eat carbs, it is turned into energy in our bodies. The energy that goes unused will become fat and hey presto, it’s back to square one. Unless you are constantly in the gym, it’s unlikely you will burn off excess carbs. And while we do need some carbs to replace our glycogen stores, we do tend to eat too much. Swapping rice for quinoa has many benefits. Firstly, it is a complete protein, which is great for building muscle and is rich in many more nutrients than rice, such as potassium, iron, and calcium. Quinoa is also gluten-free which gives it an edge over couscous as a healthy side dish!

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