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Feeling Old Before Your Time? The Keys To Feeling Young And Alive

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Ah, time. It’s always one step ahead of us, claiming without prejudice the brightest and best minds of our generation.

There is nothing you can do stop it: it’s coming for you whether you like it or not (and most people don’t). However, that doesn’t mean you have to roll over and wait for time to strip you of your energy and lust for life without putting up a fight. There are plenty of things you can do to ensure you get the last laugh over this man made concept. And if you’re really worried about the number of years you have behind you, just think of it this way: your age is nothing, nothing other than the amount of times you’ve journeyed around the sun. That’s it! And in any case, it’s better than the alternative. But anyway….

Make a Change

Nothing is more damaging to your livelihood than falling into a routine and staying there. Think of when you were young. Then, every day was a new adventure. You were experiencing new things all the time. Life, essentially, was also exciting. Now think back to your last few years. How many big changes have you made that set you on a new adventurous path? People tend to find a job, and then a home, and set up camp for years on end. But remember, it’s human experience that pushes us forward. Stay sat still for too long and it’ll be no wonder that you’re not feeling as young as you once were.

Be Proactive

A lot of how old we feel is wrapped up in how we see ourselves. If we see our waists getting a little bigger, our hair thinner, and our wrinkles more profound, then we’re more likely to associate ourselves with the older people rather than the young ones. But you can takes steps to remedy this. Propecia tablets are used in male pattern baldness and can make your hair thicker. You can hit the gym and really put the time into shedding those extra pounds. Also, while it might be a bit much to go under the knife and make yourself look young again, you can also research the best makes up for your age and stay looking beautiful despite how old you are.

Keep Up To Date

There are plenty of people past their golden years who stay listening to the same music they listened to when they were eighteen, wear the same clothes, follow the same comedians, and all the rest. Well guess what? Those things are out! Feeling young isn’t about listening to whatever’s in the chart or knowing all the latest lingo (please don’t do these things). But that doesn’t mean you should give up on culture altogether: stay abreast of the movements that kicked on from the things you used to enjoy and you’ll be at the cutting edge of the things that matter for you. At that point, what would you even gain from being younger?

Do What You Enjoy

You’re never too old to do anything, and don’t let anybody tell you different. If you feel your days of clubbing are coming to an end, then maybe they are, but that doesn’t mean you can never go clubbing. You can forty or fifty and still go out and have fun. If you like skiing, travelling, or anything else, there’s no rule that says you have to stop doing these things once you hit a certain age. Even if you feel a bit awkward about doing them “at your age”…just do them anyway!

Play To Your Strengths

You’re probably not going to be reclaim the energy of your youth, nor your metabolism. But that doesn’t mean you lose everything just because you’ve lost those two gifts of youth. You can still do everything else you want to do, you just need to play to your strengths. If you’ve got a big day tomorrow, you can experience it just as you always did – but you might have to get an early night the night before.

Pick a New Hobby

The passing of youth usually hurts us because it occurs to us that we’re no longer able to do all the things we used to be able to do. Sports is a good example of this. We can play every week for years, but eventually our legs will no longer be quite able to keep up with what we want to do anymore. Instead of lamenting a lost hobby, pick another one! Growing older gives you an opportunity to discover new interests. The world is infinitely more interesting than most people give it credit for: dig deep and see what you can find!

Go Travelling

Nothing inspires us to live and love the world more than stepping out of our comfort zone and seeing a new side of the world. It’ll expand your mind, you’ll meet plenty of fantastic people, and you’ll learn the golden rule of life: that you’re never too old to do anything at all. Whatever your financial or home circumstances, there are definitely options out there that’ll get you out into the wide open world. Forty, fifty, sixty years of age: it really doesn’t matter when you’re on the road.

Be Inspired

If all these wise words aren’t enough to stop you fretting about your age, then maybe this will: take a look at Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. Do you know how old they are? 73. Now, do they act like their 73 years old? Not at all. They’re out there enjoying life, just as you should! In the end, no one cares how old you are beside you, so don’t let it hold you back from doing all that you want to achieve during your brief time on this planet. The most interesting people are the ones who aren’t doing the same things as everybody else anyway, so forge your own path and let your age take care of itself. It’s going to happen anyway….

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