Singer-songwriter Leanne Gallati Releases Ultimate Breakup Anthem “Party For One”

Are you ready to add a new anthem to your breakup playlist? Look no further than singer-songwriter Leanne Gallati's latest release, Party For One. With a unique blend of pop and rock influences, Gallati delivers a powerful and empowering message for anyone going through a breakup.

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From Nancy Sinatra to Amy Winehouse to Olivia Rodrigo, there’s a long tradition of empowering breakup songs in pop music. With “Party For One,” Long Island-via-Brooklyn singer-songwriter Leanne Gallati once again puts her stamp on the form with an unforgettable sense of flair. Where other artists often focus on the despair and longing that can grip us in the aftermath of a relationship, Gallati is having none of it.

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A kiss-off anthem for the ages, “Party For One” exudes unwavering confidence as Gallati sings lines In reality / I’m relieved / and suddenly / I’m stress-free. Sometimes, it’s best to just cut the rope and realize that we’re better off freeing ourselves from under the weight of a relationship that just isn’t nourishing us.

“It’s easy to feel scared at the thought of walking away from someone important in your life,” Gallati offers. “This song serves as a reminder that you can accomplish anything on your own, and that no one should be able to tell you how to live your life.”

Influenced by the likes of Winehouse, No Doubt, Sammy Rae & the Friends, HAIM, and Lake Street Dive, Gallati’s jazz- and funk-inflected take on lost love adds a brassy touch of class to the fine art of walking away. Breaking up never felt so good – or catchy.

That’s saying a lot, considering all those great songs that have given newly-single people a boost over the decades. But with “Party For One,” Leanne Gallati claims her place at the table in decisive fashion.

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