sautereau Drops Intimate New Music Video for “Conversation Hearts”

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Indie-pop singer sautereau, previously known as Cee, just released the video for her newest single, “Conversation Hearts.”

The comforting video displays the glass-half-full perspective she had during the world’s trying times this past year while stirring up the nostalgic feelings of longing for the outside world. With dreamy elegance and a vast array of emotions, the video takes a simplistic approach as sautereau plays the guitar and goes about her days in isolation. She tries to focus on the everyday tasks that are quickly molding into her daily routine and eventually finds beauty in the repetition.

“This song is about the bittersweet realization of how fast time slipped by, while also feeling like it suddenly stopped. It’s about feeling that spark, in spite of the boredom, in spite of the silence, and in spite of loneliness. Indeed, it’s about letting your heart speak. And then it’s just an extra little bit of sweet, like the candy” – sautereau

Although time seemed to blend together this past year, sautereau reminds us that stopping to admire the little everyday tasks can be a sort of therapy for what your heart wants and desires.

Be sure to check out the video for “Conversation Hearts”

Stream the song on all platforms worldwide. It’s the perfect song to add to your cozy playlists.

You can follow her musical journey on Instagram @iamsautereau

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