5 Ways To Improve Your Kitchen

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Perhaps a complete kitchen makeover is beyond your means. (Don’t be sorry – who has money these days?) Even so, there are a few projects you can do to alter the appearance and feel of your kitchen that won’t cost much.

Take it from me: small improvements add up, and if you make them in the proper order, you may have a kitchen overhaul without even realising it. For many years, I worked as a contractor (and still do) and have seen several projects make a significant difference in numerous kitchens.

Organise storage

The kitchen is a room where things tend to pile up. Even in the tiniest areas, reduce clutter levels. To hide seldom used goods from view, purchase baskets or ornamental storage containers and use them to store things above cabinets. Keep counters free of debris, especially if the counter area is restricted, and consider wall-mounted storage instead.

Shelving is available in a variety of designs, including ones that may be placed on slanted walls. Don’t overlook nooks and crannies in your home for storage. For ideas and goods to tackle the most difficult organizational challenges, look to speciality websites.

Try some fresh paint

Take a look around and see where improvements are needed. Be modest in your expectations of colour’s influence. The vent hood is frequently the most visible feature in a kitchen, and covering it might divide a sea of cabinets, especially if you have a backsplash to highlight. If you have a little bit of DIY expertise, you may convert a store-bought vent hood into something more attractive by covering it with plywood or MDF and then adding beautiful architectural trim. It becomes a point of interest in the kitchen once painted.

Get rid of boring backsplashes

If the walls in your kitchen are in a drab colour, consider painting them in a contrasting hue. Alternatively, you may choose to go with textured vinyl-coated wallpaper or even look into freshly coloured splashbacks. There are numerous more options accessible to homeowners who wish to upgrade, such as peel-n-stick metal tiles (with brushed or antique finish choices available), as well as DIY kits for installing glass mosaic tile.

Paint old wood cabinets

Do you want to update the appearance of your wood cabinets but don’t have the cash? Consider refacing or painting them. Trim plain cabinet doors with ornamental trim, or purchase new door fronts. Old, damaged hinges and locks can be replaced or painted. New hardware backplates are useful since they both complement and conceal flaws and holes.

Expand without gutting

A skilled expert may help you organize your kitchen, identify problems, and suggest solutions so that it is more functional and less cramped. Open concept kitchens that connect to living rooms encourage families to socialise while also allowing individuals to prepare meals for guests at the same time. Removing a wall, or taking space from an adjacent room, can make a huge difference in the way a kitchen feels and is not nearly as expensive or time-consuming as demolishing the entire kitchen and starting from scratch.

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