SAPPHIRE’s alt-pop anthem for overthinkers, ‘Repeat’

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With her new original single ‘Repeat’, the UK musician SAPPHIRE beckons in a fresh start at the pivotal point in her life that many would refer to as a coming-of-age. Although we have to say age has very little to do with this release; with a decade of musicianship and songwriting under her belt, SAPPHIRE is far from inexperienced and her confidence surrounding lyrics, composition and themes shine through on this exquisite slice of alt-pop.

Unquestionably radio and playlist ready, ‘Repeat’ holds a deeper meaning drawn from SAPPHIRE’s own experience of overthinking. The quite literal repetition of the songwriter’s own admittance “I just repeat” takes the listener on this cyclical journey while undulating electronic beats, ticking clocks and metalicised vocal echoes exude Daft Punk-meets-Madison Beer energy. Towards the end of the song, your ears will perk up at the experimental breakdown that symbolises breaking out of unhealthy thought patterns and is something that gives SAPPHIRE “goosebumps” every time she hears it because it’s pure emotional catharsis. The potent contrast of entrapment versus freedom is what makes this pop belter so resonant.

“I like to turn my overthinking into songs. I’ve been making music for as long as i can remember, and I used to post covers on YouTube which has given me some amazing opportunities over the past few years. Getting to make music is the most exciting thing ever, and I just really hope my songs can be the soundtrack to your life in some way.”

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