Royal Street Releases Debut LP “Flavors”

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Royal Street shows that they’re not stopping any time soon with the release of their funky rock/pop debut LP “Flavors,” out now

The trio seamlessly blends together power pop vocals, groovy guitar licks, and radio friendly hooks to create their niche. “Flavors” is experimental, yet mainstream; it’s polished, yet gritty. Royal Street, led by vocalist Viana Newton, proves that they are not a one stop shop. The LP features the previously released single, “Make Believe,” the album’s closest example of a power ballad, and a new version of “Cranston Crank,” the upbeat, cool original RS single. It’s a style that’s not nearly toyed with enough – yet Royal Street demonstrates the sound perfectly, while also maintaining their own set of unique characteristics throughout all 10 tracks. About the album, the band states:

“The release of our debut album “Flavors” highlights that musically and as individuals we have a lot of different elements and styles we like to play around with. Listen to Make Believe, and be connected to a time when someone wasn’t taking you seriously. Listen to Prove It, and be empowered and confident that you are on the right path in life, and no one can tell you otherwise. Listen to Cranston Crank to dance… and to rid yourself of any negative force. This album has a bit of everything, and we’re confident that anyone could find something that they enjoy about it.”

Royal Street is a pop rock act from Providence, Rhode Island specializing in infectious, funky tunes that can take listeners anywhere – from the modern pop hooks of Maroon 5 or Bruno Mars to the alt-rock sounds of Taking Back Sunday or Paramore. The Royal Street sound appeals to a wide variety of listeners, combining the attitude and energy of hard rock with funky guitar lines and soulful melodies. Within only a few short months of becoming active, Royal Street was selected to play the 2015 Warped Tour (Mansfield, MA), and were also part of their first tour, the “Get Loud, Get Lost” Tour with Marina City in the summer of 2015 which covered 12 states in 12 days and used that rhythm to continue to play shows and grow their fan base, touring throughout the Northeast and Midwest.  “Flavors” is available now.

Royal Street - Make Believe [Official Music Video]


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