Nashville-based Pop Singer Brit Daniels Debuts New Single “Shadows”

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Up and coming Nashville-based pop star Brit Daniels is proud to debut her new single, “Shadows,” which premiered last week on PopDust.

The vibey song illustrates the empty feeling you feel after enduring a major heartbreak and how you still feel the remnants of what you’ve lost around you; in this case, it feels like the emptiness lies in the shadows. Check out the single now on Spotify.

“Shadows has a really cool current but darker feel to it. It was inspired by the idea of missing someone and there always being this darkness (usually in the form of old memories and feeling like they’re there) over the places you used to go together and the thoughts that start flooding in, which I think everyone can relate to if they’ve ever been through a break up or really loss of any kind. It’s almost as if the memories of the times you shared are haunting you. I love this song because I think it’s a really cool take on a situation that we’ve all been in and feelings that we’ve all felt before. ” – Brit Daniels

shadows brit daniels

“Shadows” is now available at all digital retailers – iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music.

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