Reno McCarthy drops new EP Angels Watching Us Dance

Following the success of his debut album Counterglow, Montreal alternative-pop artist Reno McCarthy has begun crafting a second LP, carrying on a path of sultry grooves and hooky melodies. As always, his inspiration stems from insecurities plaguing a young artist at a time when irreverence and vulnerability are inevitable, rendering his music is instantly relatable.

However, unexpected events can often change the way we view life, and this is what has led Reno to a surprising stopover. Following the loss of his father, the artist abandoned any sense of stylistic inhibition and chose to express his vulnerability in its simplest form. It’s with absolute honesty that he now presents a truly warm and personal EP. Moving, raw and of great profoundness, Angels Watching Us Dance sees Reno McCarthy at his most stripped-down, bearing a striking sensitivity which can undoubtedly touch the most hardened souls.

AngelsWatchingusDance Artwork

Reno McCarthy, on Angels Watching Us Dance:

“Angels Watching Us Dance” is a stripped-down folk EP, something I’ve been meaning to do for a while. This seemed like a good time, for obvious reasons. It’s a record about love and loss, mostly.

Stream Angels Watching Us Dance here

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