Red Farrow explores post-religious identity in 5 track debut dance EP Communion

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Communion is a set of 5 songs written in collaboration with four other artists and inspired by their stories of refuge and growth while growing up.

A journey of cinematic soundscapes and heart-thumping dance tracks that will release and free your inner-child. The EP explores, lyrically and sonically, themes of religious upbringing, queer identity, heartbreak, and coming of age through a collision of vibrant synths, electronic themes, and nostalgic vocals.

“When I first found electronic music, I connected with a community that allowed me to be myself and explore my identity separate from my origin” says Red Farrow. “This EP will be that connection and release for the listeners. I want those who are struggling to find community to find freedom and celebration in my music.”


The project features four talented queer artists, including Marc Devigne, Roney X, Nano Talrose and Eric Radford. Marc Devigne is a French Canadian artist from Toronto who has been featured on Canadian Idol and the Canadian production of La Voie. His smooth melodic vocal finesse compliments the emotional impact of this project. Roney X is a Toronto-based singer-songwriter, who creates rich and addictive dance top lines. Nano Talrose is an emotional and powerful vocalist from Niagara Falls, Canada. Eric Radford is an Olympic figure skater and classical composer with a passion for electronic music. This eclectic and talented group of featured artists make this album what it is. 

Communion was produced by Red Farrow and Slater Manzo and features lyrics by Red Farrow, Marc Devigne, Roney X, and Nano Talrose, composition by Red Farrow and Eric Radford, and performances by Red Farrow, Mac Devign, Roney X, Nano Talrose, and Eric Radford. The EP was mixed and mastered by Luke Fair.

About Red Farrow

Red Farrow grew up on a farm in southern Ontario, surrounded by church music and school ensembles. He began music production a little later in life, after not finding passion in his undergraduate program. After some massive life changes he studied downtown Toronto at the Harris Institute before putting out his  first single a year later. As Red, he exists mostly in the genres of pop and house but loves to collaborate with a wide variety of artists to find that beautiful space where two tastes collide. Having studied at Korea University  in Seoul, he takes a lot of house and Kpop influences into his work. Extensive travels in South America has also greatly contributed to his style. The only time his mind is in the moment and clear of distraction is when I am working on a track. Red loves anything that swells with motion, tells a story or inspires movement. Identifying as a romantic himself, he strives to put all of his highest highs and lowest lows in the music he creates. When he can find an emotional landscape where  he can connect with a listener,true magic can really happen. 

Art never belongs to us, we only shape, recreate, and combine what already exists to share with others.

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