Planning Ahead while Trying to Get Pregnant

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It’s always a good idea to plan ahead. But even more important when trying to get pregnant. Even before you are with a child, your life can be turned upside down. Here are a few tips.

Get a New Maternity Wardrobe

You know your body will change when you are pregnant. But shopping for new clothes during the advanced stages of pregnancy will be tedious and tiring. So try getting together with some friends and shopping for new clothes and underwear (buy maternity bras here) before you begin to feel the changes of pregnancy. This way, you can also begin arranging your wardrobe at home, so it’s ready to go when you get the great news and begin to show.

Plan Your Hospital Stay

Most likely, you’ll be able to leave the hospital 48 hours after childbirth. But most people stay in the hospital for 3 to 4 days. It means if you’re not going to give birth at home, you have to prepare in advance. Make sure you have shampoo, items for personal hygiene, comfortable clothes, and underwear. You can also ask family members to bring extra food and drinks because you’ll need them when you’re tired and need to rest before, throughout, and after.

Get Used to a New Diet when Trying to Get Pregnant

You can’t eat a lot of the foods you love when you’re pregnant. Some cooked and all raw meats from a deli might have bacteria, so you should not eat them. And fish has mercury and salmonella, both of which are bad for your baby. So it might be a good idea to start a pregnancy diet early so you can adjust to missing out on some of the foods you love. This is because you might not know that some fresh vegetables and fruits are also harmful to babies.

Make Your Home Safer

Before they come, it’s a good idea to baby-proof the house. As soon as they can crawl, they enjoy grabbing things. So almost everything gets dangerous. Try to fix anything that is loose and get rid of or cover up any sharp edges. Infants prefer to put objects in their mouths. That’s a given. So, replace common items with ones that don’t harm the environment. Lastly, make sure you use paints with non-volatile organic compounds in any rooms where the baby will stay.

Be Ready to Go at Any Minute

Even if you don’t have a baby yet, you should always have a plan for when your water breaks or when your contractions get really strong. Having a bag that’s already packed can help you out a little. Putting all of your essentials, like undies, body wash, and prescription drugs, into a small backpack. The idea is that you only take what you might need right away. Anything else can be left at a different time. And pack a bigger bag with a lot of things for when your child gets there.


Trying to get pregnant is exhausting for some couples in and of itself. So don’t make it worse on yourself. Arrange your new wardrobe, begin changing your diet and work on your “Go Bag.”

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