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Ever fancied visiting the United Kingdom? If so, you had better get your skates on. In just over two years time, Britain is going to leave the European Union, and the simple truth is that no one knows what is going to happen as a result.

But, given the anti-immigration stance that the UK seem to be taking, foreign travelers and holidaymakers might be better off speeding up their plans for visiting, rather than putting them off. Here are a few reasons why you might be better off visiting Britain before Brexit.

The weak pound

As soon as the EU referendum results were clear, the pound tanked against major currencies like the euro and the dollar. And things haven’t improved since. That said, what happens to the pound after Brexit is unclear, and, although unlikely, it could well rise in value again. The safe bet is to take advantage of the weak pound right now, rather than holidaying elsewhere – you will get much better value for your money than you have been able to for the last few decades. At the moment, it’s business as usual for the UK’s tourism industry, other than the fact that prices could be up to 30 percent lower for foreign travellers.

Fewer Brits on holiday

Because British citizens are dealing with a weak pound, fewer of them will be able to afford to go abroad on holiday – especially to places outside Europe such as the USA. And because fewer people are flying out, it means prices for those flying into the UK will drop like a stone, as airlines try and fill planes with attractive discounts and deals. Book ahead for a few months, and you will find you score an even cheaper deal.

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Crime and policing

Policing, Criminal Justice and Brexit are significant issues that not many people are talking about. It’s unclear whether the UK will be ready for the enormous changes to national security that could occur once Britain leaves the EU. However, there is no doubt that without cooperation between European countries, things like extradition and information sharing are going to be difficult to deal with from a British perspective. What that means for UK crime rates is unclear. But, given that criminality is becoming more international, not less, the insular Brexit path the UK has taken seems strange. So, if you want to be assured of your safety, visit the UK before it leaves the EU – after that, who knows what the country will be like?

Access to Europe

The UK has been something of a hub for travellers wanting to experience all that Europe has to offer. And if this is something you have been planning, you need to hurry up. It’s still possible to travel from London to Paris without immigration checks, and it’s as simple as taking the train from Washington to New York. However, that will – without a doubt – change as soon as the UK leaves the EU. Britain won’t be the popular hub it is right now, and travel to Europe is going to be a lot more difficult.

So, there you have it – some compelling reasons to visit Britain within the next two years. Get booking before Brexit, folks!


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