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Whether you in the kitchen baking or cleaning your car, gadgets are designed to make our lives easier.

So why shouldn’t we use them for fitness and health too? It can be hard to motivate ourselves to exercise, log our results, and set goals. There are gadgets out there that can make the whole process easier and less time-consuming. This is a guide to the health and fitness trends out there that you should give a go…

Finis Neptune

In most exercises or workouts, music is a powerful tool to motivate and inspire us. Whether it’s swimming that extra length or running another lap, music has an amazing ability to spur us on. Finis have taken notice of this and designed an effective and innovative health and fitness gadget. The music device secures neatly onto your eyewear, be it goggles or sunglasses. It uses bone conduction audio to play music straight into the user’s ears, without the need for in-ear buds. If you’re a fan of swimming you should know that these devices play music louder and clearer underwater. They have 4GB of storage space and a rechargeable battery.

Wifi Scales

The thought of weighing ourselves on the scales fills most of us with dread. This could be, in part, that were weighing ourselves too much. We have to give our bodies a chance to respond to the exercise and new diet we could be trying. Weighing ourselves weekly is the best option. It’s worth bearing in mind that our weight can fluctuate quite a lot quite quickly. The truth is most bathroom scale readings are inaccurate. Either we’re weighing ourselves with clothes on, water retention has caused us to weigh more, or we’re weighing ourselves after exercise.

WiFi scales are a far more accurate way of measuring ourselves.

The best wifi scale will measure body fat percentage and muscle mass accurately” Some even include the bone mass and visceral fat readings. If you want to pinpoint the areas you need to work on, this is a great gadget to use. The WiFi aspect of the scales also means you can upload results quickly and easily to your online profile and chart your progress.


If you’re trying to lose weight, this is the gadget for you. A common problem for those trying to shift a few pounds is portion size. Sometimes supermarkets display portion sizes that are too big, and we end up overeating. Another problem is that we eat too quickly and cause bloating. HAPIfork is an ingenious way of curbing these bad habits. The sensors on the prongs vibrate gently when you’re eating too fast. Similarly, you can track the speed and how many ‘fork servings’ per minute you’re eating.You can upload all this information onto your own personal dashboard and improve your eating behavior over time.

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