Reasons to Finally Include a Leather Jacket to Your Wardrobe

There are garments that will not appear in any official list of wardrobe necessities but they will at the same time meet all the requirements to be there. As a timeless, combinable and luckily for you, they never go out of style. They are of course the leather jackets!

Their return as one of the favorite garments across all fashion trends leaves us with the idea of how to upgrade our wardrobe with additional clothing that will perfectly match this timeless piece. Today in this article we will leave you with ideas on how to rock the leather jacket look and forever fall in love with this creation of leather clothing.


Nothing Screams in a Language of Confidence Like the Leather Jacket

Short to the waist and long to the flashy inspiration of confidence that you leave around you as you wear it. This thing has survived the passage of time, evolved and converted in their own right into an essential piece of wardrobe background. Perfectly accompanying other extravagant leather garments, the leather jackets moved from the stages of rockstars and motorcyclists to the most glamorous names of the fashion industry.

It does not matter if it’s a bomber or a double lining one, they all maintain the rebellious air and wig that they acquired when the biker and rocker world adopted them as a defiant garment. Nothing sums up better youth and freedom than a leather jacket like I Medici Leather.

Hence, having at least one is more than necessary in any closet worth its salt. You may think that because of your age, your figure or your style, the leather jacket is not for you or possibly you do not know how to combine it. But! Let’s see just how wrong you are…

The leather jacket is something like the little black dress that arrived in the 30′ but in a more youthful version, carefree, informal and daring. It’s perfect both for going to the office and to protect yourself from the cold winds in the spring or at the fall.

There are Designs and Models for Everyone


The design of this garment, originally long, has evolved to reach the “Perfect Bomber” The most popular model of our time. In both cases, it is a short, tight-fitting, long-sleeved, leather-based garment, although for economic or ideological reasons the market currently offers hundreds of options in poly skin or faux leather that have nothing to envy when referring to the originals.

It is not Necessary to Spend Your Salary on a Leather Jacket.

The famous bomber model is characterized by its wide flaps, multiple and asymmetric zippers and because it is a narrow garment that’s fitted at the waist it proves to be the most formal model. The Bomber has a more casual air than other types. It is a bulging and loose piece that fits equally in waist, cuffs, and neck with elastic tape. Usually having the side pockets that are more than useful.

Reasons to Have one are Numerous

The current offer is very broad in both models and colors. Beige, camel, red, green, and of course black. They are all beautiful and wearable but without a doubt, the one model that steps out more then the others is the black one. If you have to settle for one then go for a black model. It combines with everything and is suitable for all looks, from office to weekend trip to nature.

Or even better when the time comes for the exciting and unpredictable business trip. We all know how travelling can expand our knowledge and you will want to have your favorite piece of leather clothing somewhere far away, where your confidence is put on the test.

A Timeless Piece of Clothing


The long ones have gone out of fashion but the short ones, used by bikers and rockers are surprisingly more trendy than ever. Don’t you remember James Dean, Elvis or Marlon Brando wearing theirs in the ’50s? Evidently, their design has evolved and above all the occasions to wear them today are many.

But the jacket and its rebellious outlook pretty much remained the same. This might be the sole reason why so many people that use to be in love with a leather jacket in the 70′ still love to wear them wherever they go. Another great reason why it’s so timeless its because you can wear it all year. In spring and autumn, they are a more sophisticated option than the denim jacket or the trench coat. In winter, those thick layers of leather will keep you surprisingly very warm. And in summer, wherever you mount that bike you will remember that your favorite jacket is still there in every part of the year!

It Combines Nicely With Nearly Everything

On a Friday night, with pants and heels, you will leave everyone confused with your youthful confidence aura, or just as Monday arrives, with trousers, you will get a more modern and serious touch to your office look.

A bomber is also the most current and original choice to keep you warm at a spring, autumn and even at the winter wedding if it is celebrated during the day. Nearly every occasion that you want to set your rebellious outlook into will perfectly accompany your new favorite piece of leather clothing.



As we said before, it can be made of leather or poly skin. It will largely depend on what you want to invest in, usually, the more expensive one will prove to be of more quality. Our recommendation is that you lean towards quality since this jacket will probably hang in your wardrobe for many seasons to come.

A good poly skin, in some cases, is a better option, if you do not read the label carefully, you will not be able to distinguish the real skin from the synthetic one. Among the poly or synthetic leather, there are also many qualities that can make them as a better choice since the overall price might be the greatest issue when choosing the one made out of real leather.

Yes, you might have concluded until now, that the ones made out of real skin are usually very expensive but reasonable investment.

Classical and Basic

Those that use to rock this look in the past might not agree with today’s trends. But, applications are very fashionable and this season you can find leather jackets with flowers, pearls, tacks, etc. If you lean for a decorated one you will go after fashions latest word and the most likely this will limit you with occasions on where you can wear it. Surely, it will be chic for a Friday party but less appropriate for a Monday at the office.

Choosing a classic model, without decorations will make you get much more out of it. However, the classic model will sometimes be boring addition to your style but never outdated. Do not be afraid to try a few of them until you decide the one that suits you. Each silhouette is a world on its own, but from everyone’s experience, it seems that going for a perfect bomber will prove to be the best addition that you can make for your wardrobe for many years to come.

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