Reasons to Care for Your Landscape Year-Round

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It might not be something you want to hear, but taking care of your landscape is a ceaseless, year-round job.

Most people already deal with mowing, fertilizing, and pruning every few months, but performing these tasks on an infrequent basis isn’t enough to keep your landscape vibrant and healthy. You need to fertilize six months of the year—February, April, June, September, and October. That’s a lot of fertilizing!  There are a lot of benefits to turning your landscape maintenance into a year-round project. Fortunately, there are landscaping businesses out there with a wealth of experience, the necessary landscaping business insurance and licenses to create your ideal lawn. Let’s take a look at some of the most convincing reasons to care for your landscape year-round.

Boost Curb Appeal

Imagine: you’re driving through a neighborhood with only two houses. The first has a manicured lawn, expertly trimmed shrubbery, and a vast garden full of colorful flowers. The second has grass as tall as the first-story windows, rotting trees, wilted plants, and a tumbleweed casually hanging out on the front stoop. The first house will inevitably seem more inviting than the second. Taking care of your landscape year-round is the best way to boost your home’s curb appeal. And good curb appeal won’t just make your home the pride of the neighborhood—it may even boost your property value!

Keep Your Home Safe

You’re sitting in your living room, reading a book on your couch while a powerful storm rages on outside. All of a sudden, you hear a cacophony of ear-shattering noises, and the room fills with dust. When the chaos subsides, you glance around the room, only to discover that a huge branch from that old, dying tree you never bothered to trim or remove has joined you on the sofa. Trees pose a surprising amount of danger to your home. Their branches can wreak havoc on your roof and shatter fragile outdoor furniture and windowpanes. A bigger branch or entire tree can cause even more severe damage. To prevent tree-related impact damage, you should inspect the health of the trees surrounding your home and remove any that are unstable, rotting, or dying. You should also trim any branches dangling precariously over your roof.

Make Your Lawn Healthier

Another reason to care for your landscape year-round is that it will help keep your lawn and garden healthy. Removing pesky weeds, fertilizing at the proper intervals, supplying plants with bio-nutrients, and checking for diseases and pests will benefit the health of your landscape. It’s only natural that a healthy landscape will look better than an unhealthy one. If you have a garden full of fruits, vegetables, and herbs, sticking to a strict maintenance schedule will also improve the quality and yield of your harvest.

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