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Rapper MH The Verb Shares Vibrant Animation Video For Erykah Badu-Inspired Single ‘Sky Ain’t Blue,’ via IMPOSE

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Fresh off the release of his compelling new Buscrates 16 Bit Ensemble-produced LP, Afronaut, rapper MH the Verb shares the vibrant animation visual for album standout “Sky Ain’t Blue.”

The animation is the result of a collaboration between MH’s multi-media hip hop collective, ArtHouse95, and NYC-based animator Stephen Sues, who designed live projections for the collective’s 2017 A/V Project Festival in Brooklyn this past summer.

“What we wanted to do with this animation video was really capture the colors and do something different from just having an image as a backdrop for our live shows. While this animation video in particular wasn’t used during our performance of ‘Sky Ain’t Blue’ at this past summer’s  A/V Project Festival in Brooklyn, it’s a great example of some of the work that animator Stephen Sues does for our live shows. Buscrates sent me the original beat for this song during the recording process of my last album Balloon Guide. I recorded about four to five different versions of ‘Sky Ain’t Blue’ over the past three years before I settled on the final product, which was inspired by Erykah Badu‘s Mama’s Gun album. That particular album played at a summer BBQ with friends, which soon sparked an organic freestyle session. From there, I wanted to try capture the essence of that moment. An official video for ‘Sky Ain’t Blue’ is coming soon.” – MH The Verb

Link to premiere of the “Sky Ain’t Blue” animation video on IMPOSE:

Available now on all digital platforms via ArtHouse95/Four Finger Distro, the Afronaut LP serves as the starting component of a conceptual, multi-media project that tells the story of a Black sci-fi heroine from the future sent back in time to uplift, inspire, and empower our world.

Listen to Afronaut on SoundCloud:

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More About The Afronaut
The Afronaut is a conceptual multi-media project based on a Black sci-fi heroine from the future who travels back in time to our complicated present day to inspire and empower the artists and youth of our world. Helmed by rapper MH the Verb and developed by the multi-media hip hop/soul collective known asArtHouse95, the album features MH’s timely, impassioned lyrics over funky grooves, progressive arrangements, and entrancing beats entirely produced by Buscrates 16 Bit Ensemble. Expanding the project with various contributions from ArtHouse singers and vocalists, the album blends jazz, hip hop, and funk/soul with the organic production values of today’s electronica. Afronaut serves as the full-length follow-up to MH The Verb’s 2014 Balloon Guide album and is his most vibrant and socially important work to date. Learn more here

Photo Credit: Stephen Craford


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