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7 Unique Invitation Ideas for Your Destination Wedding

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Destination wedding has become quite popular in recent times. For adventurous couples or couples who want to make their wedding unique, a destination wedding is the ideal option.

You can have it on mountain top or on the ocean side. The fact that it is away from home, makes this the ultimate wedding venue. However, the main concern is how to invite the guests for the destination wedding. In this blog you will some unique wedding invitation ideas for your destination wedding.

Air Ticket Design

In majority of the cases, the destination wedding is hosted overseas. This means that the guests will have to get the air tickets in order to attend your wedding. It is best to go for an air ticket invitation. This kind of design is pretty unique. An air ticket invitation card will help in making the ticket more personalized. Apart from air ticket design, you can also opt for a boarding pass invitation design.

Message in a Bottle

Another way to invite people is to create a message in a bottle. You can just print the save the card, roll it up, tie it with a colorful ribbon, and put it in a bottle along with seashells and sand. If you do not want to do it on your own, you can hire someone to do it for you.

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Passport Design

To attend an overseas wedding, your guest will have to bring passports. This is the reason a passport design looks pretty unique when you are planning for a destination wedding. You have the option to personalize the passport design for each and every guest. The names and pictures of the guests can be printed on the passport. Some guests even keep these kinds of wedding invitations after the event is complete. You can combine this design along with the air ticket design.


You can order a tiny suitcase and fill it with paper planes. This helps in making a real statement to the people that you are inviting. You can include a short message within the planes.  This is a sign for your guests that it is time to pack their suitcases and bags. You can include the details of the wedding within the suitcase. 

Customized Chocolate Boxes

A customized chocolate box designed to reflect your wedding destination or these can also work very well. The details of the wedding ceremony can be printed on the invitation card and placed in the box along with the chocolates.


Your marriage invitation card can also be a map. Mark the wedding destination as X. the map should be an illustrated map of the selected destination. If you have already chosen a specific color palette for your wedding, you need to incorporate it in the wedding invitation card.

Luggage Tag

A luggage tag wedding invitation card offers you the option of versatility. If you have the budget, you can send out real luggage tags insert the wedding invitation details. You can make the tags all by yourself simply by clipping the top corners of the paper and punching a whole in it for ribbon or twine.

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Keep in mind that the perfect destination wedding starts with the perfect invitation. Irrespective of type of the invitation design you are choosing, it is important to make sure that all the required information has been included in it.

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