Pop Singer Maya by Name Releases New Album She

Rising pop star Maya by Name is an amazing singer and songwriter. Her voice is outstanding.
Maya by Name releases her new music video from her third single “Since ’96” from her new album titled, She. Check out this incredible music video of the single “Since ’96” from Maya by Name:

She album cover Maya by Name3

The new album She by Maya by Name is exceptional. Definitely check it out. The new album She is available at digital retailers including Apple Music:

About Maya by Name

Maya Gabrielle Satterwhite, better known as pop sensation Maya by Name is an extraordinary singer and songwriter. Maya by Name released her first single, “To You, From Me” from her EP Arrival along with the music video in 2015. With the popular breakout EP and the “To You, From Me” hit single, Maya by Name toured and performed at many noteworthy venues including Canalside Buffalo and the legendary Tralf Music Hall. In 2016, Maya by Name released her EP Next Verse that included the smash hit single, “Boss” along with the music video. Her standout sound blends pop with flavors of R&B, Hip-Hop, and Funk. The budding talent highlighted 2017 as the opening act for the Savage tour with Grammy Award nominated R&B artist Tank in Buffalo, New York. In 2018, Maya by Name released her single “Raymond” and the music video in which she wrote and produced. In November 2018, Maya by Name released her single “Rose Petals” along with the music video. On December 21, 2018, Maya by Name released her empowerment album titled, She that is adored by fans and media nationally.

Maya by Name has an electrifying stage presence and powerful vocal chops that captivates audiences nationally. Buffalo born and based, female pop singer Maya by Name is featured in national media and radio. 

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Pop Singer Maya by Name Releases New Album She

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