Plan An Unforgettable Tour For Discovering The Wilderness Beyond Sydney

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Popular for its distinctive attractions like arched Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House, and Royal Botanic Garden, there are enough striking places to be discovered in the city of and beyond it.

Though it’s completely logical to think that the capital city of New South Wales, Sydney offers all the magnificent places for holidaymakers, however, they should not fail to discover the beauty of this Australian State beyond its capital. I think you should plan such a trip wherein you can explore each and every part of Sydney which includes exploring the wilderness beyond it. Whether you choose caravan finance to purchase a home on wheels or want to rent a caravan or campervan, it’s the best way to see the state and all its attractions.

A few months back I also went on a campervan road trip from Aussie Campervans, wherein I covered a lot of beautiful places near Sydney and some of them are mentioned below.

#1. Discover The Striking Wineries Of Hunter Valley

Located nearly 120 kilometers north of New South Wales’s capital Sydney, the Hunter Valley is one of the most iconic and oldest wine-producing places in Australia. The place which is also called the Hunter Region is home to nearly 150 wineries that help in producing world-class wines. Though it’s completely acceptable that you cannot explore all of the wineries, you should definitely try to visit a few of them if you are interested in knowing how to produce best-in-class wines. In addition to that, you should also explore striking vineyards of this region wherein different types of grapes are grown.

Nothing can stop you from exploring the Hunter Valley which is only a three hours drive from Sydney, provided the fact that you are really interested in it. Apart from visiting wineries and vineyards, you can also enjoy its tremendously succulent food and incredible spas.

#2. Explore The Tranquility Of Blue Mountains

Located in the west of Sydney, the ‘Blue Mountains’ is nothing but a rugged mountain range that’s popular for its phenomenal views. Packed with plenty of beautiful things like striking waterfalls, stunning cliffs, and beautiful villages, the Blue Mountains is a kind of region that will keep you thoroughly occupied. Some of the most interesting things that you can discover in the Blue Mountains include eucalyptus forests and awesome gardens located in the villages. You can also visit the Blue Mountains National Park and enjoy hiking as well as bushwalking there. In addition to that, if you feel like exploring a town in this region you can look forward to visiting Katoomba.

#3. Enjoy The Commendable Beauty Of Port Stephens

Known worldwide for its conspicuous beaches, and astonishing bays, Port Stephens is a perfect place for family holidays. The place which consists of approximately 26 attractive beaches, it’s quite obvious that Port Stephens never disappoint any holidaymaker who comes to this place in the search of spending some quality moments. Considering the fact that it has numerous sandy beaches, and perfect bays, it’s really an ideal place for enjoying water sports like surfing, snorkeling, and swimming, etc. Besides, you can also enjoy beach walking and can explore aquatic animals like dolphins.

#4. Visit Lord Howe Island

If you want to see the real charm of turquoise waters and want to experience some of the most incredible beaches near Sydney, you must visit Lord Howe. Lord Howe Island, which is located at a distance of two hours from Sydney, is a kind of place that you can hardly see anywhere in the world. This incredible tourist destination is not only famous for its beaches but also for its stunning rainforests. Not just that, you can also adore its extremely beautiful and mountain ranges.

#5. Travel To Batemans Bay

Located at a distance of 280 kilometers from Sydney, Batemans Bay is one of the most incredible towns in the state of New South Wales. The town which lies on Princes Highway is an extremely interesting holiday destination not only for the people of New South Wales but also for the holidaymakers from neighboring states like Victoria, Queensland, and South Australia. As far as Batemans Bay is concerned, some of the things that you must look forward to include its food, shopping centers, and picture-perfect beaches.

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