5 Affordable Christmas Gift ideas for all Tech Lovers in 2017

David Milsont
David Milsont 3 Min Read

Christmas is around the corner. And the biggest festival of the year would beckon loads of gifts for loved ones. The tech lovers can also be treated in a special way with the following list of Christmas gift ideas that will make the occasion more special.

1. Panasonic RP-HJE120-PPK Earbuds
These Panasonic Earbuds are simple, cheap, and include a wide variety of features that any pair of budget earphones should have. They also deliver brilliant audio quality despite their price. These buds can be gifted to tech geeks who have an ear for good music too.

2. Sabrent Mini Portable USB 3.0 Hub
With this USB hub, one can plug in more peripherals all at once as it has 4 different ports for the same. The hub is also dubbed the “world’s smallest” USB hub and is pretty efficient in connecting your devices. The hub is also compatible with your personal Windows and macOS laptops.

3. Boogie Board e-Writer
The Boogie Board is one comprehensive digital notepad that is perfect as an alternative for paper. The board e-writer is perfect Christmas for kids and even adults who want to jot down daily reminders of their task list. After you’ve written the message, press the tablet’s button and the matter would get erased. The 4-ounce tablet has a handy stylus featuring attachable magnets so that you can hang the Boogie Board on magnet-friendly surfaces like the kitchen fridge.

4. Jackery Giant+
Many people need extra power for your smartphone, more often than not, it is vital to consider the Jackery Giant+. The device is a handy portable charger that works with all types of smartphones including iPhone 7s, Galaxy S7s etc. You can charge several devices at the same time.

5. Amazon Dash
If you know someone who shops frequently and likes certain products, buy them this gift – Amazon Dash. The button allows them to refill favorite products whenever they are about to run out of stock. One can choose several buttons too. Also, there are Amazon offers if you buy more.


Google Cardboard
If someone is interested in virtual reality, one can gift a Google Cardboard viewer. Just insert a mobile into the viewer and start any of the hundreds of virtual-reality apps along with 360-degree videos to deliver an immersive experience.

Each of these tech gifts is worthy enough as Christmas gifts, as they let your loved ones know that you care for them and their interests.

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