Penelope Robin and 99 GoonSquad Ready to Get Lucky with Release of “4 Leaf Clover” Single and Video

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Artists, performers and Social media mavens Penelope Robin & 99 GoonSquad are proud to announce the release of the new single and video for their new offering, “4 Leaf Cover” which is available now via YouTube and on all the major streaming/download services. 

99 Goonsquad, Penelope Robin - 4 Leaf Clover (Official Video)

4 Leaf Clover” is a collaboration between a duo of twins called Julian and Jovani Jara, known as 99 GoonSquad ( who have 2.7 million followers on TikTok, 240K on Youtube, and 500K on Instagram and Penelope Robin; who also has a growing fanbase on her social media.

@thepennyrobin / @99goonsquad   

Penelope Robin

Penelope Robin is an 11-year-old singer-songwriter from Miami, Florida. She began acting as well as developing her musical calling at the age of 5. Her professional journey began to blossom after writing her first song ‘Little Bitty Heart’ which appealed to young audiences, and in turn, opened many doors in her career. The young artist has a loyal and growing fanbase that she has penned as her ‘Little Robins’ and is known on her social media as @thepennyrobin. Her YouTube channel has reached over 10 Million views and her social media continues to grow. This young talent has already shared the stage with music icons such as Phil Collins, Karol G, Yandel, Fat Joe, amongst others. Currently, she is working on new music she will be releasing this year for her fans to enjoy. She is also actively involved with various Foundations such as Crystal Academy, 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida, and Celebration of the Sea; engaging, educating, and inspiring others about autism awareness, animal cruelty, and protecting our environment. Her philanthropic efforts have already been making a BIG impact on not only the music world, but animal activism through her #AdoptYourBestie initiative, and now the world of Environmental Conservation. Teaming up with EcoPod – the new alternative to single-use plastics for home and personal care products – the company is launching a brand new initiative with Robin as youth ambassador along with her new song “World Full of Love”. She also attended the Beverly Hills EMA Impact Summit last month alongside Jaden Smith (Will Smith’s son), Wendie Malick (This is Us), Callum Worthy (The Act) and Malin Akerman (Billions) with EcoPod Founders and Father-Daughter team Henry and Gabriela Pino speaking on the company’s goals and aspirations.

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Connect with Penelope Robin via Social Media:

Instagram: @ThePennyRobin

Penelope Robin’s YouTube Channel

More About 99 GoonSquad:

Welcome to 99 GoonSquad! We are identical teenage twins who love to create make you laugh and put a smile on your face. We are looking to inspire, and motivate other teens to be great! Our message has always been you can do anything you want to do in this world, we are living proof! If you want to join our journey as youtubers/dj’s/Music Producers and be part of our story, please subscribe, like and share up some videos.

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