Must-Know Tips for Getting Engaged During COVID-19

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So many things have been put on hold this year. Yet, folks should try their hardest not to let current circumstances bring them down. For example, individuals who planned on proposing to their partners in 2020 ought to consider going through with their plans. Anyone wanting to take the leap should read these tips for getting engaged during COVID-19.

Make It Special

Those planning to propose during the pandemic should try their best to make the day special. Individuals proposing at home can decorate the space to the nines. Flowers such as roses are incredibly romantic, and they’ll set the tone for the event. People can also hang string lights and place candles in the room to create a certain ambiance. Individuals should also consider making adult beverages beforehand, so they can toast after their partner accepts. White peach vanilla bellinis with loose leaf gold are an elegant drink that’ll pair perfectly with the occasion.

Invite People Virtually

Another tip for getting engaged during COVID-19 is to invite people virtually. CDC guidelines recommend that individuals practice social distancing and stay six feet apart. Sadly, this means it’s not a wise idea to get together in large groups where hugging will occur. Yet, not all hope is lost. Creating a virtual meeting where people can view the proposal will make the day more memorable, and it’s the best way to ensure folks stay safe while celebrating.

Plan With the Pandemic in Mind

Unfortunately, COVID-19 cases are on the rise across the country. These increases indicate that the pandemic isn’t going anywhere any time soon. It’d be helpful if couples who’ve recently gotten engaged kept this in mind while planning. Regulations might still be in place next year, so guests may have to wear masks and sanitize everything. These guidelines don’t mean that the big day can’t still be special. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to COVID-19 and large celebrations.

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